My Freaking Long Journey From KL to Melbourne via Hong Kong February 2019

5.30am 25th Feb

I am departing from KL today, 25th Feb at 7.15am and my final destination is Melbourne.

However I am only scheduled to land at Tullamarine Melbourne International Airport on 26th Feb 12pm. This means my journey from KL to Melbourne will take more than 24 hours.

You see, the reason why the journey is freaking long is because I was “gatal”, haha. Last week I had nothing better to do, so I checked out Asia Miles and saw a confirm Business Class ticket from HK to Melbourne with Cathay Pacific A350 on 00.05 26th February. I have never flew with Cathay Pacific and many people told that their planes are among the best BUT not their service.

In respect to the above, God gave me the opportunity to try Cathay Pacific A350 Business Class…. and if God wants me to go HK, that is what I shall do 🙂 I then redeemed the ticket using Asia Miles.

So I booked a ticket to HK with AirAsia for a flight at 1pm on 25th Feb and Checked-In on 21st Feb and got my boarding pass.


But then on 22nd Feb, I found out that my uncle will be in HK too on the 25th Feb. I called him to confirm and he said that we should meet up for lunch and dinner. My uncle will be pretty bored in HK while his wife goes shopping. And by me meeting up with him, we can waste time together chit-chatting. I guess that’s why God sent me to HK to accompany my uncle.

So I changed my AirAsia flight to 7am. I could do so even tho I have Checked-In for the 1pm flight. It only cost me RM120 extra to change to the earlier flight.

However on the 23rd Feb and 24th Feb I could not Check In for the 7am flight via online! AirAsia’s system keeps stating that I have Checked-In for the 1pm flight.

Therefore I had to go to KLIA2 earlier to sort out the mess.

I arrived at KLIA2 at 4.30am on 25th Feb and headed to the Document Check Counter at V1. I could do so because I had no baggage to drop. The new boarding pass was issued to me within minutes without any hassle.



After I gotten the Boarding Pass I headed to Plaza Premium Lounge at Mezzanine opposite Aerotel.


This time around I entered the lounge for FREE with my BMW White Card which allows me 24X FREE access per year.


As usual the food selection at this particular Plaza Premium Lounge is pretty good.

I will be heading to boarding gate soon, but will drop by the smoking section before Immigration.

I do have another problem when I reach HK. I have only 2 pieces of HKD1K and I think I need to change it to smaller notes for the taxi ride to meet up with my uncle somewhere at Tsim Sha Tsui.

I will update you guys later when I am in HK, if possible photos of my lunch and dinner else it will be later in the evening when I am at Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge.

Oh yes, for KLIA2, we need to head to the gate earlier, besides needing to walk forever to the gates, the immigration and security check queue is pretty long and can take up to 10 minutes.

One more thing, we can buy the Johnnie Walker White Walker (click here to read my review about this must have bottle regardless if you are a whisky fan or not) for RM180 at Eraman.


Another very important thing to note, for flights to China, HK and India, there are syndicates operating on the plane where they will steal your stuff by taking your bags from the overhead storage. So keep your important documents with you all the time on the plane and your money too.

11.00am Landed in HK


Immigration is super long BUT they clear super fast too.

Went to 7Eleven to buy a can of coffee so that I can use one of the HKD1K note. The taxi here may or may not accept HKD1K note because they may be afraid of fake notes.


12 pm

Now that I have small notes, I proceeded to the taxi stand and be on my way to Tsim Sha Tsui.


Cost me about HKD270 from airport to Tsim Sha Tsui.

Saw an Iron Man watch.


1pm – Tsim Sha Tsui/Harbour City

Now at Tsim Sha Tsui having lunch at Kung Fu Dim Sum with my uncle, his wife and son.


At Habour City Food Court around 3.30pm and was told that the cream puff below is only produced once a year. So I bought a couple to try…. it has a layer of pannacotta… tasted ok only.


7pm – Dinner at Ocean Super Seafood Restaurant Jordan Road.



As usual when I have dinner with my uncle, he is sure to have good wine or cognac


The Penfolds 389 habis so my uncle ordered a red wine from the restaurant. The red wine is from France and it was good too.


The food was really good. The live lobster only HKD168 each. Next time I know where to have dinner in Hong Kong.

9pm Hong Kong Airport T1 Check In


Business Class Check In


I was told that there are 4 Cathay Pacific Lounges at Gates 2, 16, 36 and 65. So I asked which is the best. The girl told me the biggest is the Lounge at Gate 65 but if my flight is departing from Gate 1 to 4, it will take me 20 minutes to walk from Gate 65. When I Checked In, my flight was yet to be assigned a Gate.

Since it was still very early, I decided to check out the Lounges at Gate 16, 36 and 65.

Cathay Pacific Lounge – The Gate at Gate 16


Cathay Pacific Lounge – The Bridge Gate 36


Cathay Pacific Lounge- The Pier Gate 65

I tell you, the Cathay Pacific Lounge called The Deck (at Gate 16) and The Bridge (at Gate 36) was a big let down. The Plaza Premium Lounge at KLIA2 I visited at Mezzanine Floor earlier in the morning is way better.

As I was walking to Gate 65, I saw a sign that says Smoking Lounge and my flight has been assigned to Gate 63! I tell you, God is really good to me 🙂



Smoking Room near to Cathay Pacific Lounge The Pier and Gate 63 which is my Gate!

The Cathay Pacific Lounge – The Pier at Gate 65 is totally a class by itself. It is freaking huge and has a bartender too!


I had so much time, I decided to take a shower.

After my shower, I ordered something light.


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