Revision To Public Bank Credit Cards 2019

Effective 1st September 2019, Public Bank Credits Cards’ benefits will be revised, i.e. AIA Gold, Quantum Visa, Quantum MasterCard and Visa Signature.

Generally the revision is not that major and the above mentioned credit cards are still great for cash back fans.

Public Bank AIA Visa Gold Revision 2019

This said card is great for cash back fans who holds AIA policies.

Come 1st September 2019, the maximum cash back per month with the PBB AIA Visa will be capped at RM100. At 2% cash back rate, those up to RM5K monthly premium(s) will still enjoy full 2% cash back. However those who have opted to pay their premiums annually may be losing out.

Now, remember, Maybank FC  Barcelona Visa Signature also earns you 2% cash back for insurance premiums and in the months of May and August, you get to earn 10% in cash back!

Public Bank AIA Visa Gold Credit Card Revision 2019

Public Quantum MasterCard

Effective 1st September 2019, the PBB Quantum MasterCard will no longer earn the cardholder 5% cash back for dining BUT I don’t think anyone will complain because it still earns the cardholder 5% cash back for online transactions!

Public Bank Quantum MasterCard Revision Review 2019.jpg

Public Bank Quantum Visa

Effective 1st September 2019, I think the PBB Quantum Visa just got even better because the cardholder can earn 5% cash back for any categories as long as the transaction was performed via contactless. The only set back is that each transaction must not be less than RM30.

Well, what the above means is that the cardholder will also get 5% cash back for dining!

Public Bank Quantum Visa Credit Card Revision Review 2019.jpg

Public Bank Visa Signature

One of my follower also pointed our that his Public Bank Principal Card and Supp Cards now share the same cash back monthly quota.

Public Bank Visa Signature Revision Review 2019.jpg

Now, those of you with PBB Quantum cards, take note of the above monthly combined cash back quota… reconfirm by visiting Public Bank website on or after 1st September 2019.

Credit Card Revisions In 2019