How To Convert Your Enrich Miles to FREE Hotel Stays With Enrich Hotels

Lately there have been news that Malaysia Airlines is low on cash and their Lessors have objected to their restructuring plan – click here to read about it at The Star.

Well, if you have Enrich Miles like me, you may be worried what will happen to our Enrich Miles should Malaysia Airlines runs out of cash, right?

I wonder how many people converted their credit cards’ reward points to earn extra 10% Enrich Miles before 31st October 2020.

And only recently I awarded the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite and Platinum the titled of Malaysia Best Credit Card for Enrich Miles (click here to read it).

And those of you who applied for the CIMB Enrich credit cards last year (image of promo below) to earn the FREE Enrich Miles, have you burned them away or still keeping them?

CIMB Enrich Credit Card FREE Enrich Miles Promo 2019

Anyway, we won’t be flying anywhere soon and I have previously showed you what you can do with your Enrich Miles.

In August 2020, I showed you how to convert your Enrich Miles to as good as cash (click here to read it) where you can convert your Enrich Miles so that it can be used for essential expenses such as Petrol and Food.

Today I am going to show you once again what you can do with your Enrich Miles which will give you better returns compared to converting them to BInfinite Points. To be exact more than 100% better!!!

Please scroll down below and click on Page 2 to start your lesson 🙂