Alliance Bank Revamped Visa Infinite and Platinum Visa Credit Card Review 2020

A few people were excited when they saw that Alliance Bank have revised their Visa Infinite and Platinum credit cards’ benefits effective 1st October 2020. What really caught their attention was the 8X Timeless Bonus Points.

I do have the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite and many years ago I even mentioned that is was an excellent credit card to earn air miles. But I have not used it for many years. The only reason why I am still holding the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite is because it is FREE FOR LIFE in my case because it was applied via Alliance Privilege Banking.

I have told you guys many times, never ever cancel your FREE FOR LIFE credit card.

And because I did not cancel my FREE FOR LIFE Alliance Bank Visa Infinite, I get to earn 8X TBP now.

But is the Alliance Bank Timeless Bonus Points (TBP) any good? That is the question you and I should be asking.

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