Shopee Coins For FREE

As mentioned earlier, I started playing Shopee Farm on 21st Nov with a few Bros and Sis. Today, on the 5th day I managed to harvest the RM5 Grab Voucher.

Click here to my YouTube to see me harvesting the RM5 Grab Voucher.

HOWEVER, I did not get the RM5 Voucher Code from Shopee, hahaha. NVM lah, since I also lost nothing. FYI, I did contact Shopee CS and to my surprise I did get to chat with a human pretty fast to my surprise.

I started with Zero coins on 21st Nov, and as you can see from the video, on 25th Nov before 5pm I have 112 Coins. Actually I should have 20 coins more but I accidentally tap 20 coins to extend 5 moves for a game!!! Hahaha.

You may be wondering why the heck I am “playing” Shopee when I said I no longer shop with them and the Shopee Coins have expiry date. Basically it is a number game for me, free cheap thrills. I just want to see how many Shopee Coins I can accumulate within 1 month and how many free cash vouchers I can get.

Once again, you can get 50 coins a day by “watching” Shopee Live. If you have a spare phone, this is how you can utilize it, haha. And like I said, I do not really watch the ads but I still need to keep track on the time to claim the coins. And once again, I am watching a Shopee Live ad to earn 5 coins as I am updating this article.

Oh yes, if you noted in the video, it is stated that the Grab voucher is “authentic”. I tell you I was surprised to see a Shopee Live ad where the seller was selling fake Chanel and LV bags!!! Anyway, my advise is that you should always buy from Official Brand Stores if you are going to splash a huge sum of money on something. That’s why I only buy Smasung Phones from Samsung Official Store at Lazada so that I am assured of a brand new set.