Shopee Coins For FREE

I used to shop online for stuff with Shopee but for the past few months I switched to Lazada. I am very happy with Lazada service and I tell you, if you want a Samsung phone by Samsung Official Store, the Flash Sale at Lazada is really good.

Anyway, I started playing Shopee Coins after a follower told me that he can get FREE Cash Vouchers by playing the game called Shopee Farm where we need to plant a tree and water it. You can ask up to 20 people to water your tree. So I contacted my bros and sis to join me where I will water their tree daily and in return I expect them to water my tree. I started playing the games in Shopee App on 21st Nov 2020 and below is a screenshot of my tree where I selected Grab RM5 voucher.

I also downloaded the Shopee App into another phone so that I can water my tree and my bros and sis who joined my group to water each other’s trees, haha.

Scroll down and click on Page 2 to read more and see my FREE RM5 Welcome Gift from Shopee.