FREE Money From Thin Air Thanks To Hotlink PrePaid

STEP 1 – Open the Hotlink App

At Rewards Spesel Hari-Hari, you may or may not see the FREE RM5 Petronas Cash Voucher!

You see, my dad refused (stubborn) to change his Maxis Postpaid Plan that does not have mobile data. So in order not to argue over something that is not of any importance (does not make my life any better) and can be easily resolved so that his phone has Mobile Data, I got another New Hotlink account for his phone (Samsung Note 10 which I bought for him back on 11.11 at Lazada and it has Dual Sim) so that he can use My Sejahtera App and also use the internet when my UNIFI is down (which have happened several times). However, this new Hotlink plan I have to burn RM25 per month on a data plan regardless if he use the data or not.

In respect to the NEW Hotlink plan I got for my dad mentioned above, it had a different Rewards Specel Hari-Hari offer! I.e. No FREE RM5 Petronas Cash Voucher!

I now have 2 Hotlink Accounts to top up BUT with FREE Shopee Coins I will earn more FREE Money too for my own Hotlink RED Plan when I use Shoppe to Top Up.

So coming back to my Hotlink RED Plan which has the FREE RM5 Petronas offer – Tap on the Petronas Offer.

Step 2 – Tap Redeem With 5 Reward Points

We earn Reward Points for FREE by checking in daily to out Gotlink Rewards.

Step 3 – Go to My Deals and Tap On The Petronas FREE Money

Step 4 – Then tap on the link provided and you will be directed to Pay’s Gift Site.

Fill in your details and tap on Submit.

Step 5 – You will then receive an SMS where you are to only tap on the link when you are at the Petronas Station.

Actually you you can get many FREE Promos such as FREE Ice Cream, FREE Sandwich, FREE Donut and many more using the Hotlink Reward Points. However most of the time I am not bothered… which is a big mistake…. FREE is the Best!