My Disciples And My Hotel Rooms – Hotel Majestic Kuala Lumpur Premier Suite Plus Ritz Carlton KL

Bros and Sis, as you are aware, many of My Air Miles Disciples and I have started to burn our Air Miles, mainly Enrich Points, on FREE Hotel Rooms as we have too many air miles in view we can’t fly here and there for almost 2 years and some of them are expiring.

Previously, I have shared with you 2 hotel rooms in Sydney:

The Fullerton Hotel Sydney – Premium Tower Room

Four Seasons Hotel Sydney – Full Harbour View Room

The reports/photos below are from 2 separate Bros who burned they Enrich Points to experience a FREE stay at the luxury hotels 🙂

I will start off this report with a few photos of Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur.

Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur

Hotel Majestic Kuala Lumpur Premier Suite

Please click here for a video review of the Hotel Majestic KL Premier Suite at YouTube. From the video, you get to “feel” just how large is the Premier Suite – can play catching with your partner, haha.

Thank you for reading this.

Below is a message to My Air Miles Disciples:

Since this is the 3rd report on hotel rooms, we can expect more and have lots to improve. So if you would like to share your hotel rooms, please provide the following when you submit your Hotel Room Reports via WhatsApp only so that I have the relevant material to create a video:

  1. Take photo of the Hotel Signage.
  2. Take photos of the hotel lobby and anything that you think may interest others. Can be photos of places near the hotel too.
  3. Take photos of the room the moment you enter before you or you partner mess it up.
  4. Must take video of the room. If you submit a video where your partner is in it, make sure you seek his/her consent that he/she is willing to appear in YouTube for the world to see.
  5. All video MUST BE taken in horizontal format.
  6. Include a brief report on info that may benefit others, example (1) cost of uber/taxi from airport to hotel, (2) hotel location to place of interest, e.g. how many minutes walk, (3) places to visit near hotel, and etc etc.

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