My Disciples And My Hotel Rooms – Sheraton KL

Previously in My Disciple’s report on his stay at Hotel Majestic KL Premier Suite (click here to see it), I gave instructions on how to submit your Hotel Room report. I will once again repeat it here:

When you submit your Hotel Room Reports via WhatsApp only:

  1. Take photo of the Hotel Signage.
  2. Take photos of the hotel lobby and anything that you think may interest others. Can be photos of places near the hotel too.
  3. Take photos of the room the moment you enter before you or you partner mess it up.
  4. Must take video of the room. If you submit a video where your partner is in it, make sure you seek his/her consent that he/she is willing to appear in YouTube for the world to see.
  5. All video MUST BE taken in horizontal format.
  6. Include a brief report on info that may benefit others, example (1) cost of uber/taxi from airport to hotel, (2) hotel location to place of interest, e.g. how many minutes walk, (3) places to visit near hotel, and etc etc.

Thanks to a Bro, yesterday I received via WhatsApp a video of the room he was staying at Sheraton KL. Below is the video taken in vertical format:

As you can observe from the above video, because it was taken in vertical format, the “view” is limited and one may need to move the phone left to right to left to right again giving me a headache, hahaha.

Seriously, vertical format is only good for Tik Tok where the subject of interest is the human person. But for my hotel review, you are to submit the video in HORIZONTAL format so we have a “larger” view so that we have a better “feel”.

Once again, the video submit by another Bro on his stay at Hotel Majestic Premier Room is what you should be doing, i.e. a walk through where you take the video in horizontal format.

Another thing, those of you who were given the privilege to read my article titled Enrich Hotels Update November 2021 – Convert Your Enrich Points To As Good As Cash Part 2, I taught you many things and one of them is you must compare room rates with Enrich – where you not only get to save money but also get to Double Dip to earn more!!!

Well, the Bro above not only forgot that he needed to take the video in horizontal format but he forgot to check the price at Enrich Hotels as I taught you and thus paid more than 10% for the room he was staying at Sheraton KL! Bros and Sis, all my articles are produced to benefit you so please reread and reread them until you absorbed fully what you have been told and taught, hahaha.