I Am Going To Get A New Toy – The Seiko 5 Sports One Piece Limited Edition

Seiko 5 Automatic is one of the most affordable quality automatic watch you can get.

And when I saw that Seiko is offering One Piece Limited Edition, I was excited.

And the one that I like is of course the Luffy Limited Edition model 🙂

The Seiko 5 One Piece Limited Edition for the Malaysia market is being sold for less than RM2K which is a steal for a quality automatic watch!

I used to be a fan of One Piece where I would spend hours reading but I stopped reading it after I became half blind. But I will definitely shiok sendiri when I get to wear my new toy which I will pre-order and hopefully it reaches me asap.

Maybe after I get my new toy, the Seiko 5 One Piece Limited Edition, I will start a Seiko 5 Fan Page. In the meantime, click here to see GenX GenY GenZ Followers’ and My Japanese Solar Watches where many followed me to collect G-Shock which has Bluetooth.

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