GenX’s Live Travel Report Sydney to Kuala Lumpur With Malaysia Airlines Business Class September 2022

My wife and I flew with Malaysia Airlines Business Class recently from Sydney to KLIA and the Flight Supervisor (a gentleman) was the only person who addressed me with my surname through out the flight. All the other stewardess were polite but not like Singapore Airlines First Class where all the cabin crew serving us will address us accordingly.

Don’t get me wrong, I was happy at least the Flight Supervisor addressed me by my surname which is a plus for Malaysia Airlines, hahaha.

And Malaysia Airlines new Safety Video was entertaining too 🙂

I was given lounge access to Plaza Premium Lounge and it was okay only compared to the Plaza Premium Lounges in Malaysia (KLIA, KLIA2 and Penang).

The lounge is pretty small but there are many seats. There were not many people as the MAS flight was the last one departing from Sydney.

Well, it was no surprise that Plaza Premium Lounge only serve cheap spirits.

Malaysia Airlines Business Class Seats

As usual Business Class passengers had a separate door to the plane.

I sat ay 1A and my wife 2A

My seat was 1A, i.e. bulk head, therefore I had ample leg room.

Below photo shows the leg room for my wife’s 2A seat. Looks cramp but at least we get to sleep straight with Malaysia Airlines Business Class unlike Singapore Airline where we need to sleep”senget” on the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777.

Malaysia Airlines Business Class Food

After take off and reaching the cruising altitude, we were served Satay and whatever we want from the Dine Anytime Menu but I just took the Satay. The flight Supervisor offered me more food after the Satay but declined as I wanted to go to sleep and told him to wake me up for Nasi Lemak.

Three hours before we were scheduled to arrive at KLIA (we arrived half hour earlier), the Flight supervisor woke me up for breakfast.

As I have shown you previously in March 2020, just before the first MCO, where I flew with Malaysia Airlines Business Class Melbourne to KLIA, I once again had the Courvoisier XO on this flight from Sydney 🙂


I tell you, I am happy that Malaysia Airlines is serving at least some good quality Cognac on board their Business Class.

FYI, Singapore Airlines also serves the Courvoisier XO on board for their Business Class (First Class they serve Hennessy XO and Johnny Walker Blue Label).

Want to know a secret? No one has ever told me that Singapore Airlines business Class food is good!!! Singapore Airlines First Class on the other hand is a different story as they serve really good Cognac, Whisky, Wine and Champagne.

However I must say if there is a SilverKris Lounge for Singapore Business Class passengers, generally the food is much better than Plaza Premium Lounge. For example, click here to see my report on SilverKris Lounge at Brisbane where there are only Business Class flights.

So with Malaysia Airlines serving the Courvoisier XO and we get to sleep straight, Malaysia Airlines Business Class is better than Singapore Airlines’ Business Class!!! And for those of us living in Klang Valley, it makes more sense that we fly with Malaysia Airlines if we are flying Economy or Business Class because then we do not need to waste our bloody time in Changi!!!

But if I can get a First Class or Suite Class to/from Australia then I don’t mind transiting in Changi as I get to go to the Private Room, hahaha.

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