GenX’s Disciple Live Travel Report – British Airways Lounge Singapore and Premium Economy Seat

Recently one of My Air Miles Disciple had to fly from Singapore to Australia and her company booked British Airlines Return on Economy for her.

For most of us, flying Economy Class is not an issue to get FREE access with our credit cards to Plaza Premium Lounge or other airport lounges.

And since the Sis is My Air Miles Disciple, she has 3 Premier Credit Cards that grants her access to Plaza Premium Lounge and Dnata in Changi.

However, this Sis has Malaysia Airline Gold status, which means she can enter any One World Airline’s Lounge 🙂

So she decided to try the newly renovated British Airways Lounge in Changi.

Well, the entrance does look classy but what about drinks and food? You will find out soon,

British Airways Lounge Singapore Changi Airport

The Sis reported that the British Airways Lounge was spacious and peaceful as there were not many people unlike SilverKris Lounge and Qantas Lounge.

As you can observe from the photos below, it was piratically empty.

Well at least they have hot spread which is good and not just sandwiches.

However the selection of spirits and beer is not too bad….. because they offer Martell VSOP Red Barrel (which is way better than the current Martell VSOP). The also offer Johnnie Walker Black Label and Glenfiddich 12 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky!

Perrier water and Heineken too!

Nowadays most lounges we need to scan the QR Code to order.

Below photo shows the Sis enjoying her Champagne Traditional Brut 🙂

It was the first time the Sis visited British Airways Lounge in Singapore but the message she received stated Welcome Back, hahaha.

British Airways Premium Economy Boeing 787

The Sis paid about SGD100 to upgrade her Economy Class seat to Premium Economy for her flight to Sydney.

The above in the Amenities bag which has socks, lip balm, pen and eye-shade.

The Sis mentioned that her Premum Economy seat on the Boeing 787 is only 18.5 inches wide versus Singapore Airlines 19in wide for Economy! However the BA Premium Economy seat does come with leg rest just like Singapore Airlines.

FYI, British Airways is bringing its latest business class and first class suites to Sydney, and they’re all about those sliding doors. From October 30, 2022, the big long-range Boeing 777 bound for Sydney via Singapore will feature BA’s newest premium cabins.

On behalf of my readers, I thank the Sis for her Live Travel Report.

This Sis have flown Singapore Airlines Suite Class Singapore to London, Emirates First Class Dallas to Dubai, Emirates First Class Dubai to KL and Japan Airlines First Class Tokyo to New York and many other Business Class with several airlines.

The Live Travel Report below, from the same Sis, covers not only Singapore Airlines Suite Class but also Business, Premium Economy and Economy on the Airbus A380.

From the above Sis’ Travel Report, what you should have learned are:

  1. If your company book an Economy Class ticket for you, you can then pay to upgrade to Premium Economy by paying a nominal sum or even Business Class.
  2. If your company book a Business Class ticket for you, you can use your miles to upgrade to First Class!!!
  3. And if your parent or “kedekut” lover book an Economy Class ticket for you, you can upgrade to Business Class by paying for it and enjoy flying in comfort, hahaha.

If you are earning SGD, AUD or USD the cost of the upgrade is peanuts. On the other hand, if you are earning MYR, then you may fell some “pain” even when paying just SGD100 only because when converted to MYR we can get close to half the price of a one way ticket with AirAsia to Melbourne or Sydney for RM800 only, hahaha.

Many people are complaining to me that they can’t get Business Class tickets to Australia for the rest of this year…. this is because they never set the right intention. Seriously we still can get Business Class and Suite Class tickets to and from Australia this year if you are My Air Miles Disciple who is able to follow my instructions to the dot.

However, if you are not My Air Miles Disciple, let me teach you a thing or two about getting cheap air tickets……. fly AirAsia!!! Below shows AirAsia ticket to Melbourne where an Economy Class ticket only cost RM800 (that’s less than USD200!!!).

And if you are my die hard follower, despite you flying AirAsia, you still get to enter Plaza Premium Lounge at KLIA 2 and even the PPL in Melbourne and Sydney with the right credit card(s), hahaha.

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