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I Gave My Sister A FREE Singapore Airlines Business Class Ticket On Airbus A350 Non Stop Singapore to San Francisco


My youngest sister is a Professor in the USA and suddenly out of the blue, my mum told me back in September that she will be flying back to KL end October and returning to San Francisco in early November with Singapore Airlines.

I tell you, my sister’s return ticket San Francisco/KL (non-stop SFO/SIN)) with Singapore Airlines was damn freaking cheap, i.e. it cost her less than USD700 (less than RM3K)!!! And best of all, it’s a non-stop flight from San Francisco to Singapore, i.e. no need to waste time transiting in Hong Kong. If one was to use his/her KrisFlyer miles to redeem a return Economy Class ticket on the same flights as my sister, he/she would get less than 4% return (based on AMEX Reserve local expenses and any other credit card it will be worst off)!!! Like I have been telling you guys, it is damn stupid to use our credit cards’ reward points converted to air miles and use the air miles to redeem for Economy Class tickets because the equivalent cash back we can earn is really pathetic. You should only use your Air Miles to redeem for Business Class (to Europe or North America) or First Class tickets.

Therefore, if I had known my sister will be flying to KL, I would have used my air milesĀ  to redeem for her a return First or Business Class ticket.

Anyway, in September 2018, I checked out what options she has and I found out that I could get her a seat for her return back to San Francisco in early November 2018:

  • First Class one way KL – Singapore – Hong Kong – San Francisco on a Boeing 777 worth RM27K OR
  • Business Class one way Singapore Direct Flight to San Francisco on an Airbus A350 worth RM16K.

One Way KUL SFO Price 2

Guess what? Well my sister would rather fly Business Class Direct Flight to San Francisco instead of First Class (ticket worth RM10K more) where she has to waste time transiting in Hong Kong.

My Experience on Business Class with Singapore Airlines Boeing 777

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