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The Best Cash Back Credit Card Combo in Malaysia – Part II

An article by Mr. Jerie Lim, Guest Columnist @ http://www.GenXGenYGenZ.com

Before you proceed reading this article/tutorial by my guest columnist, Mr. Jerie Lim, please click here to read my article titled The Best Cash Back Credit Card Combo – AEON Credit Card Plus Online Cash Back Cards.

After I posted the above mentioned article, Mr. Jerie Lim, Mr.Keat Wei, Mr. JS Tan and Mr. Teong Sin Sim took the trouble to comment on my Facebook post that on top of the 2% fee mentioned in my article, there are 6% GST and RM1.50 fee! Mr. Jerie Lim further informed me that we can earn more cash back with the CIMB Cash Rebate MasterCard and was kind enough to agree to my request to write an article for the benefit of all.

In this article, Mr. Jerie Lim will present to you a detailed and comprehensive tutorial on using another cash back credit card to pay your AEON credit card bill and what are the fees involved. And Mr. Jerie Lim will even teach you how to earn more in cash back with this method.

Without further ado, it is my utmost pleasure to present to you my latest guest columnist, Mr. Jerie Lim’s article:

The Best Cash Back Credit Card Combo by Jerie Lim 2


 As most regular reader of this site knows, back in March some AEON card users begin experimenting on PosOnline a new payment channel for AEON credit cards. As always, good thing must share right. So, thanks to GenXGenYGenZ for sharing this info with his fellow loyal readers of this new payment method.

This month, as confirmation of cash back from various different online cash back cards starts trickling in; we will take a look more closely on various fees involved. So here is a short walkthrough of AEON card payment via PosOnline.

Firstly let us take a closer look at the fees involved.

2% Convenience Fee Charges for Credit Card transaction by PosOnline

 Stated in POSOnline website, there will be a 2% convenience fee charge to all credit card transaction including the one we will be doing for AEON card payment.

Are there any additional charges?

2% will be charged upon credit card usage.


The fee is quite steep if looked on its own. Nobody in their right mind would actually be willing to pay an additional 2% fee to pay a credit card payment. On top of the 2% fee, we have got to pay 6% GST too! But lucky for us this is not the case now that you can offset it with another card’s cash back.

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