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Public Service Announcement – Beware Of Free Air Ticket Scams

Few months back a follower forwarded me a link that offered FREE Singapore Airlines Tickets. I just ignored it.

Never ever give out any personal information, i.e. NRIC, Birth Date, Mother’s Name, and that includes your Frequent Flyer Account to a 3rd party. If you are greedy, you are sure to face dire consequences.

Always Log On to your Online Account by opening a your browser and never click on a link via email, or WhatAspp or any social medai.

Never entertain anyone that calls you on the phone asking you for your personal details even if they are telling you that you won a grand prize. Always call Customer Service (number behind your credit card) to verify. For your information, Maybank may call you to inform you that you won a prize BUT they will never ask for verification such as your NRIC or credit card number.

For years there have been scams from people who claimed they are the police or Bank Negara Malaysia. Nowadays there are even scams from people who claim that you own Income Tax!!!

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