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FREE Money – Cash Back Credit Cards With eWallets

If you are a cash back fan and a long time follower of mine, you will know that you can get up to 5% cash back when you top up your eWallets (e.g. Boost, Grab and TnG eWallet) with Public Bank Quantum MasterCard and Affin Duo Visa.

If you are new to my blog, please click on the link below to learn more about cash back credit cards:

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The Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum Cards AMEX do earn us 5% cash back when we use it to pay for stuff at Lazada or Shopee. But we only earn the 5% cashback on Saturday and Sunday. Therefore the Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum AMEX is kind of useless for cash back fans from Monday to Friday, haha.

But the most important thing you must know about Maybank credit cards is that we earn NOTHING, i.e. ZERO cash back for topping up eWallets! Therefore Maybank credit cards are useless for eWallets UNLESS there is a promotion (i.e. not card feature).

In respect to the above, as far as cash back fans are concerned, that is why Public Bank Quantum MasterCard, Public Bank Visa Signature and Affin Duo Visa are considered more superior compared to Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum AMEX because:

  • PBB Quantum MC, PBB VS and Affin Duo Visa earn us cash back for topping up eWallets;
  • we get to double dip. E.g. Boost and Grab Wallet we earn STARS and GrabReward Points respectively in addition to cash back from credit cards.
  • Or in TnG eWallet case, we get get discounted cash vouchers.

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