You Can Now Use Your Touch n Go eWallet With Alipay Connect Overseas

Boost has Union Pay QR Code but can it be used overseas? Well, Touch n Go eWallet has Alipay QR Code which can be used overseas!!!

You can now use your Touch n Go eWallet overseas thanks to Alipay Connect. However, for now you can only use in Japan.

FYI, you can sign up directly with Alipay as a tourist where you can then use Alipay for a limited period in China; however, I was told that we may need to top up in advance. Therefore, you may have some hassle getting a refund if you do not utilize every sen in the account. Hopefully our TnG eWallet can also be used in China by the time the covid-19 crisis is over.

Below are actual screenshots of my TnG eWallet App from my smartphone:

Touch n Go eWallet TnG Alipay Overseas 1

If you note from the above image, at the bottom of the screen, it is stated – Swipe Up to pay abroad via Alipay Connect.

Once once you swipe up, you will see the screen below. Refer to the upper right hand corner and you will note Japan

Touch n Go eWallet TnG Alipay Overseas 2

Do not scan the QR Code above…..I won’t be responsible if your phone is hacked, haha

It even tells you the exchange rate is 1 MYR = 24.9343 JPY

I just googled and below is the exchange rate stated:


Based on the above, the TnG eWallet FOREX rate is pretty good, less than 1% difference compared to spot rate (today is Sunday therefore the spot rate should be constant the entire day).

How about compared to Money Changer in KL? Below is what I obtained from Money Master website:


Money Changer “selling” rate in KL: JPY1000 = MYR39.4

which is equivalent to MYR1 = JPY25.3807 versus TnG eWallet Alipay’s rate of MYR1 = JPY24.9343

Well, the money changer rate in KL is better than TnG eWallet Alipay’s rate!

Actually, the Money Changer rate in KL is also better than what google quoted!!!? Did I miscalculate? You better go calculate yourself as I myself have no confidence in the above calculations, haha.

Below are more screenshots from my smartphone:

Touch n Go eWallet TnG Alipay Overseas 3

Touch n Go eWallet TnG Alipay Overseas 4

Now, in order to use TnG eWallet App, we need data!!! Not only that, sometimes we may even need OTP sent via SMS to perform a transaction with TnG eWallet. Therefore, if you are using an overseas SIM, make sure your phone is a Dual SIM phone or you have two phones so that SMS can be sent to your Malaysia number.

I tell you, you better have your Malaysia SIM with International Roaming connected 24/7 wherever you are on planet earth so that you can receive SMS if the event someone use your credit card for fraudulent transactions or if you are pick-pocketed! If you only have one smartphone and you then “keh khiang” and remove your Malaysia SIM Card and replaced it with an overseas SIM (because you use one slot for memory card on your Dual SIM smartphone), you are asking for problems.

For example, you were pick-pocketed and your credit card was immediately used. But because you took your Malaysia SIM card out from your phone, you did not receive SMS for the unauthorized credit card transactions! And because you only realized you have been pick-pocketed a day later, your credit card issuer may say it is your fault for not immediately reporting lost of your card and therefore you are liable for all transactions! You have been warned!

If you are using an iPhone with single SIM or Android Dual SIM where one slot is used for memory card, just bloody buy another cheap Android phone to insert another SIM for data purposes and use the Hotspot when you are traveling.

I have 3 smartphones which I carry with me everywhere and all of them are Dual SIM smartphones. So, I will use one of my Smartphone which has a vacant slot to insert a SIM for overseas data.

Talking about overseas data, I recommend you get SIM cards from Hello 1010 for calls and data. Click here to read more about Hello 1010 where I used a SIM from them for my 13 days trip to Eastern Europemy 13 days trip to Eastern Europe last year and I had no problems with any connection in any of the countries and even updated my blog daily with photos of places I visited.If you ask me, I still will use my Maybank Visa Infinite overseas over any eWallets. However, there is an advantage using an eWallet overseas (e.g. AirAsia Big Pay where you can even Freeze your MasterCard and TnG eWallet for Japan) because the damage can be controlled as there is a maximum wallet size and/or monthly limit on transactions VERSUS credit cards where the damage can go up to your Credit Limit.

If you really must take your credit cards overseas, I strongly recommend that you carry your wallet in a anti-theft travel bag where the bag is always placed in front of your body. I would not recommend a backpack even if it is anti-theft to be carried on your back. Click here to read more about my Travelon Anti-Theft Sling Bag which is super light but yet can carry lots of stuff including my 3 smartphones, wallet, an umbrella and even a bottle of water.
OR if  you are kiasu like me, get an anti-theft wallet too – click here to read more about my PacSafe Anti-Theft Wallet.