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Wherever God Wants Me To Go I Shall Go And Be Blessed With A First Class Ticket Plus Fly Round The World Too!

Updated 3rd September 2019

Previously I informed you guys that I promised to take my wife to Tokyo next year and God blessed my wife and I with First Class tickets London to Tokyo with Japan Airlines! Click here to see the First Class London to Tokyo tickets plus we are flying with Japan Airlines Sky Suite III Tokyo to Singapore too.

I tell you, I am extremely grateful to Almighty God for blessing me over and over again. I must have been a very good boy in my past life. And maybe because I sacrifice my lifespan stupidly chain smoking whenever I am drafting articles/tutorials to assist others for FREE, I keep accumulating positive karma points 🙂

Prior to 2018, I have flown with MAS Airlines A380 Business Class 3 times return KL/London where the seat space is super generous and the flat bed is really wide and comfortable.

Below are my FREE Suite Class, First Class and Business Class tickets since June 2018:

1. Singapore Airlines Business Class Boeing 777 Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur June 2018.

This was my first Singapore Airlines Business Class flight and I was shocked to find out I needed to sleep “senget” (twisted)!

I tell you, unless you have Bulk Head seat, Singapore Airlines’ Business Class is a joke!

Singapore Airlines Buisness Class Boeing 777 7

2. Singapore Airlines Suite Class Airbus A380 Melbourne to Singapore November 2018.

Singapore Airlines Suite Class is a totally different level compared to their Business Class. I tell you, do not waste your miles on Singapore Airlines Business Class or even their First Class but fly Singapore Airlines Suite Class only, which is truly beyond First Class, where you can even sleep naked if you want, hahaha.

Click here to read My Singapore Airlines Suite Class Live Travel Report which includes a video of the Suite Class Bed.

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