My Wife and I Have Been Blessed To Experience First Class Flight On Japan Airlines London To Tokyo!

I will be going to Copenhagen and Italy next month (July 2019) and then from Venice to London where I will spend a few nights enjoying London Duck and Lobster Noodle in Chinatown and then fly back to Singapore with Singapore Airlines NEW Suite 🙂

My wife and daughter will also get to experience Suite Class London to Singapore on Airbus A380 too! Click here to read my article to article titled My Coming Europe Trip 2019 – I am Flying NEW Suite Class with Singapore Airlines A380. My Wife and Daughter Also Get To Experience Suite Class Too Which Is Beyond First Class and you get to know how I  ended getting 3 FREE Suite Class tickets London to Singapore when what I wanted was just go to Rome and take a photo of the Coliseum where Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris had their epic fight.

As mentioned in the above said article, I wanted to go to Rome but ended up flying out of London with Singapore Airlines Suite Class 🙂 As for my flight to Rome…….. well, I ended up getting 3 FREE Business Class for my wife, daughter and I to Copenhagen with Thai Airways! This will be my first time flying with Thai Airways.

So with my initial plan of going to Italy only, God blessed me again where I get the opportunity to visit 3 countries in Europe next month and to top it up Suite Class (which is beyond First Class) with SIA London to Changi.

Most of you are aware that I just flew with Japan Airlines Business Class Tokyo to Melbourne where I was blown away with their In-Flight Service. Click here to read my Live Travel Report with Japan Airlines Business Class.


I promised my wife that I take her to Japan next year. FYI, in July we are going to Copenhagen, Italy and London. In December, my wife and I are going on a tour of Eastern Europe again because my uncle asked me to join him and his wife.

So, I planed to take my wife to Japan next year in Spring. However, because I was so damn impressed with Japan Airlines In-Flight Service when I flew Business Class mentioned above,  I want to try their FIRST Class.

So, as usual I started searching for FREE FIRST Class tickets with Japan Airlines for my wife and I to (or out from) Japan and guess what? I ended up needing to go to London again next year, haha. I get to visit London Chinatown to enjoy London Duck and Lobster Noodle again! God is really good to me and I’m really thankful for the continuous blessings.

Japan Airlines First Class London to Tokyo.jpg

As you can observe above, my wife and I are sitting apart. Why the heck does people want to sit next to their nagging wife/husband throughout the entire flight? Hahaha. With my wife sitting on the opposite window seat, she gets to enjoy what the First Class flight has to offer without me nagging her every single nano second or not needing to hear me snoring, hahaha.

As for my flight out of Tokyo, I am flying with Japan Airlines Business Class Sky Suite III. I get to experience something new again because the seat will be different from the Sky Suite seat which I flew from Tokyo to Melbourne.

Japan Airlines Business Class Tokyo to SG

Japan Airlines Sky Suite III

Japan Airlines Sky Suite III Flat Bed

As for my tickets to London, I have not booked them yet, haha. I guess we will soon find out what God has arranged for me and I wonder if I will visit another country before I go to London.

Bros & Sis, listen to me, don’t simply burn your air miles on Business Class but fly First Class because more and more airlines have stopped offering First Class and even some are converting their planes to just purely Economy Class! Airbus will stop production of the biggest passenger plane ever created by humans, i.e. Airbus A380, in 2021! Besides better On-board service with First Class, I tell you, Business Class Lounge is really pathetic compared to Singapore Airlines’ Private Room/First Class Lounge in Singapore  and  Qantas’ First Class in Melbourne.

In respect to the above, I guess I should seriously consider STOPPING converting anymore of my Credit Cards’ Reward Points to Enrich Miles, hahaha.

So far, I have flown or will be flying Suite/First Class with the following airlines: