Wherever God Wants Me To Go I Shall Go And Be Blessed With A First Class Ticket Plus Fly Round The World Too!

Updated 3rd September 2019

Previously I informed you guys that I promised to take my wife to Tokyo next year and God blessed my wife and I with First Class tickets London to Tokyo with Japan Airlines! Click here to see the First Class London to Tokyo tickets plus we are flying with Japan Airlines Sky Suite III Tokyo to Singapore too.

I tell you, I am extremely grateful to Almighty God for blessing me over and over again. I must have been a very good boy in my past life. And maybe because I sacrifice my lifespan stupidly chain smoking whenever I am drafting articles/tutorials to assist others for FREE, I keep accumulating positive karma points 🙂

Prior to 2018, I have flown with MAS Airlines A380 Business Class 3 times return KL/London where the seat space is super generous and the flat bed is really wide and comfortable.

Below are my FREE Suite Class, First Class and Business Class tickets since June 2018:

1. Singapore Airlines Business Class Boeing 777 Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur June 2018.

This was my first Singapore Airlines Business Class flight and I was shocked to find out I needed to sleep “senget” (twisted)!

I tell you, unless you have Bulk Head seat, Singapore Airlines’ Business Class is a joke!

Singapore Airlines Buisness Class Boeing 777 7

2. Singapore Airlines Suite Class Airbus A380 Melbourne to Singapore November 2018.

Singapore Airlines Suite Class is a totally different level compared to their Business Class. I tell you, do not waste your miles on Singapore Airlines Business Class or even their First Class but fly Singapore Airlines Suite Class only, which is truly beyond First Class, where you can even sleep naked if you want, hahaha.

Click here to read My Singapore Airlines Suite Class Live Travel Report which includes a video of the Suite Class Bed.

3. My Sister’s Singapore Airlines Business Class Ultimate A350 Direct Experience Singapore to San Francisco November 2018

I gave my sister a Business Class ticket KL to San Francisco and I was shocked to learn that my sister had to sleep “senget” too with their A350! Singapore advertised that flight as Ultimate A350 Experience – yah yah more like the ultimate joke. Click here to read my sister Live Travel Report with Singapore Airlines Business Class A350 to San Francisco.

4. I also gave my parents a Business Class flight out of Brisbane with Malaysia Airlines Business Class in December 2019.

Well, I am surprised that Malaysia Airlines outsource their Business Class Lounge facilities to Premium Plaza Lounge!

5. My Qantas Business Class Airbus A330 Singapore to Melbourne December 2018.

I was very happy with Qantas Singapore Lounge and the service provided by Qantas onboard the Airbus A330. The moment I entered the plane, the stewardess addressed me by my surname, e.g Mr. GenX! i tell you, it is not easy for an “orang putih” to pronounce my “chinapek” surname correctly but the Qantas stewardess and the In-Flight Manager had no problems. I slept not long after take off until breakfast time and landed really fresh in Melbourne. Click here to read my Qantas Business Class Travel Report Singapore to Melbourne.

6. My Cathay Pacific Business Class Airbus A350 Hong Kong to Melbourne February 2019.

In February 2019, I flew Cathay Pacific Business Class on the Airbus A350 for the first time. Click here to read my report which include videos too. The Business Class seat was comfortable and as for the on-board service I have nothing to complain.

7. My Qantas First Class Airbus A380 Melbourne to Singapore March 2019.

In March 2019, I flew Qantas First Class on their Airbus A380 for the first time. Click here to read my report. I tell you, the food that is served at Qantas First Class Lounge in Melbourne is superb. As for the In-Flight service, it was good where the steward kept asking me if I needed anything. And just like my Qantas Business Class mentioned earlier, the steward and the In-Flight Manager had no issues pronouncing and addressing me as Mr. GenX!

8. My Malaysia Airlines Business Class RETURN KL/Melbourne April 2019 with Photos of MAS First Class Golden Lounge at KLIA

I do fly with Malaysia Airlines too because there is a great advantage over other airlines. We get to fly direct from KLIA to London, Sydney, Melbourne, etc.

However, unlike Singapore Airlines and Qantas, MAS stewards and stewardesses nowadays no longer address me as Mr. GenX unlike the days when I flew with MAS to London on their A380. Not to say that they are rude to me, just that I feel that there is no personal touch anymore when flying with MAS. Oh yes, nowadays almost all the MAS stewardesses all “muka masam” and don’t know how to smile.

However, I find that MAS steward and stewardesses are damn talkative and loud too. Most of the time you can hear them chit-chatting away instead of making rounds the plane to ensure that all passengers’ need are taken care off.

9. My Japan Airlines Business Class Sky Suite Narita to Melbourne May 2019 (I also flew JAL Business Class Hanoi to Tokyo).

I tell you, Japan Airlines in-flight service is one of the best I have ever experienced and I was only flying Business Class. The Business Class In-Flight Service was comparable to my experience with Singapore Airlines Suite Class and Qantas First Class where the stewardess and In-Flight Manager will check on me very frequently to ask if I need anything! And the stewardesses do smile.  Click here to read My Live Travel Report with Award Winning Japan Airlines and you will be amazed with what they did for me when all I asked was that they bring me the Remy Martin VSOP bottle to take a photo.

10. My Singapore Airlines Business Class Live Travel Report Brisbane to Changi On NEW Airbus A350-900 June 2019

When I booked the ticket, there were no bulk head seats available. However, when I was checking in, I asked if I could get a bulk head seat and the girl said YES! So, my seat number was 11A (that’s the first seat as there are no numbers 1 to 10) and I was pretty happy as I do not need to sleep senget, hahaha.

However, when I entered the plane, to my surprised, all the Business Class flat bed allowed the passengers to sleep straight! It was a new design! And I learned something new, the stewardess told me that the old design seats where we need to sleep senget is called “diamond seats” (nice name but stupid design). Click here to read My Live Travel Report with Singapore Airlines Business Class Brisbane to Changi.

In addition to the above, my wife and daughter also have flew with Malaysia Airlines Business Class KL/Melbourne several times since November last year.

As you can observe from the above, I have been flying Suite Class, First Class and Business Class in the past few months….. and more to come 🙂

In July 2019, my wife, daughter and I flew to Copenhagen with Thai Airways of Business Class – click here ot the image below to read it.

And we return from London with Singapore Airlines SUITE Class! Click here to read my Live Travel Report with Singapore Airlines NEW Suite Class.



And as mentioned at the very start, my wife and I will be flying First Class with Japan Airlines London to Tokyo next year. And the joke was that I booked the tickets London to Tokyo without tickets to London. As mentioned in the previous article – “I guess we will soon find out what God has arranged for me and I wonder if I will visit another country before I go to London.”

Well, while I was playing around, I found a FIRST CLASS ticket Hong Kong to San Francisco.  So if God wants me to go to San Francisco, that is what I shall do. As for my wife, she will be flying Business Class on the same flight, maybe her karma points not as high as mine, hahaha. So happens my sister who is a Professor in California and my cousin who is a doctor both reside in San Francisco. I guess God wants me to go visit them.

GenX Cathay Pacific First Class.jpg

From San Francisco I will then make my way to London to catch the JAL flight to Tokyo. This means that Almighty God has arranged that I will be finally flying round the world 🙂

However, as of July 2019, I have yet to redeem/book my flight to Hong Kong as I have yet to decide if I should fly from KL or Melbourne to catch the First Class flight to San Francisco.

Update 3rd September 2019 – Round The World Tickets/Route Finalized

Well, in August 2019, I redeemed Malaysia Airlines Business Class tickets KL to Melbourne in late March 2020 for my wife and I (yes, we still can play Enrich if you know how to optimize your Enrich Miles).

MAS Business Class Mar 2020 KL to MEL

And from Melbourne, we shall fly to Hong Kong to catch the flight to San Francisco. The good news is that I managed to redeem a Cathay Pacific Business Class ticket Melbourne to Hong Kong for my wife BUT mine is still on the way, hahaha.

GenX Wife Cathay Pacific Melbourne to Hong Kong


From Hong Kong, like I showed you earlier, I will be flying with Cathay Pacific FIRST Class to San Francisco 🙂

GenX Cathay Pacific First Class


From San Francisco we will be flying to London to catch the Japan Airlines FIRST Class London flight to Tokyo.

Japan Airlines First Class London to Tokyo


From Tokyo, we will then fly with Japan Airlines once again but this time on Business Sky Suite III.

Japan Airlines Business Class Tokyo to SG

Therefore, below is the finalize path/route of my Round The World Trip 2020 covering 4 continents :

GenX Round The World Trip 2020 Details.jpg

GenX Round The World 2020 Cities.jpg

GenX Round The World 2020 4 Continents Map.jpg


So by end of 2020, I would have flown Suite Class and First Class with the following airlines:

It will take months before I actually fly with Cathay Pacific FIRST CLASS, so in the mean time, please click here to read My Disciple’s Live Travel Report with Cathay Pacific FIRST Class Hong Kong to Vancouver.

And click here for his report on Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge in Hong Kong called The Pier.