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My G-Shock MTG Rainbow & Singapore Airlines New Suite Class A380

I am pleased to present to you another of my fond memories with Singapore Airlines New Suite Class, this time in YouTube video format.

I had the opportunity to experience Singapore Airlines NEW Suite Class in July 2019 where I wore my Limited Edition Casio G-Shock MT-G Rainbow.

I tell you, after this coid-19 crisis, if Singapore Airlines is still offering Suite Class with their Airbus A380, you must grab the opportunity to experience it as in the future there will no longer be any Airbus A380.

Regardless you are flying Old or New Suite Class, Singapore Airlines cabin crew service is really fantastic and the liquor offered on board is also excellent. Even if you are not a champagne lover, you must try BOTH the Krug and Dom Pérignon.

And if you are flying out from Heathrow airport, request for the buggy ride to the Lounge AND especially from the Lounge to the Gate. This is one experience you will never forget.

My wife and daughter also flew with Singapore Airlines Suite Class London to Singapore and they took the buggy ride from the Lounge to the Gate where the driver was playful… he shouted VIP, VIP, VIP when the buggy was about the reach the gate. It was embarrassing for my wife and daughter but it is one experience they will never forget and thank me for life, hahaha.

Without further delay, please click here to my YouTube Video titled My G-Shock MTG Rainbow & Singapore Airlines New Suite Class A380.

Thank you for your support 🙂