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GenX’s Singapore Airlines Business Class Live Travel Report Brisbane to Changi On NEW Airbus A350-900


From my personal experience, flying with Singapore Airlines Business Class on their Boeing 777 is a joke because we need to sleep “senget” (twisted sideways). It is the same for their Airbus A350 and A380!

Check out the Live Travel Reports below with Singapore Airlines Business Class and see for yourself that my sister and my disciples all had to sleep senget unless they are seated at the bulk head.

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From all the Live Travel Reports above, it makes no difference if we are flying with Boeing 777 or Airbus A380 because we need to sleep senget!

Last month (May 2019), when I was searching for a return flight from Melbourne to KL for this month (June 2019),  so happened I was able to redeem a Business Class flight out of Brisbane with substantial less air miles. So, if God wants me to go to Brisbane that is what I shall do 🙂 FYI, I flew to Melbourne with Japan Airlines Business Class Sky Suite and their In-flight service is second to none. Click here to read My Live Travel Report with Award Winning Japan Airlines Sky Suite on Boeing 787.

Because this Business Class ticket Brisbane to Singapore was offered with LESS KrisFlyer Miles compared to normal Saver Option for Business Class and close to the miles required to redeem an Economy Class on Saver Option, I was willing to compromise and sleep senget, haha.

Before I proceed to my Live Travel Report on Business Class, click here to read about my silverKris Business Class Lounge at Brisbane Airport. i was surprised that the Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge in Brisbane did not offer any cognac but only cheap spirits that do not have any anti-oxidants!

Singapore Airlines NEW A350-900 For Medium Haul

When I booked the ticket, there were no bulk head seats available. However, when I was checking in, I asked if I could get a bulk head seat and the girl said YES! So, my seat number was 11A (that’s the first seat as there are no numbers 1 to 10) and I was pretty happy as I do not need to sleep senget, hahaha.

However, when I entered the plane, to my surprise, all the Business Class flat bed allowed the passengers to sleep straight! It was a new design! And I learned something new, the stewardess told me that the old design seats where we need to sleep senget is called “diamond seats” (nice name but stupid design).

Singapore Airlines Business Class Brisbane to Singapore Aibus A350.jpg

Singapore Airlines Business Class Brisbane to Singapore Aibus A350 Map

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