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The Best Credit Cards in Malaysia 2016 – Episode II (Airport Lounges and Petrol)

Another Exclusive Best Credit Cards Article by GenX @ http://www.GenXGenYGenZ.com

GenX GenY GenZ Facebook Post on Airport Lounge Revision by Maybank


UPDATE September 2016 – Effective 1st October 2016, you need to spend minimum RM2K in order to earn cash back with the Hong Leong Bank WISE Platinum or Gold credit card. With the cash back capped at RM100 per month and taking into consideration you need to pay the annual fee, the MAXIMUM Effective Cash Back you can earn with the HLB Wise is only 4.29%. For more info, please click here to my Hong Leong Bank Wise Credit Card article.

UPDATE February 2016 – Published a review on the AEON BiG Visa Gold credit card (click here to read it) which grants you 6X FREE access to Plaza Premium Lounges PLUS also earns you 5% cash back for petrol!!

Maybank Treats Points Revision 2016IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENTclick here to learn the revision to Treats Points effective 15 April 2016 and what credit cards you should use for transactions relating to Government, Education, Insurance and Utilities. Effective 15th April 2016, you should not use the Maybank 2 Card Gold, Platinum and Premier including the AMEX credit cards for Petrol as it will earn you miserable returns.


In view of the many revisions to many credit cards’ benefits since October 2015, I have previously announced that I will be republishing another Credit Card Ultimate Showdown 2016.

For my latest Exclusive Annual Credit Card Ultimate Showdown, STARs will be awarded based on 11 Categories (previously 10) to determine the Best Top 10 Credit Cards in Malaysia. i.e. (1) Annual Fee, (2) Reward/Cash Back for Local Spending, (3) Reward/Cash Back for Overseas Spending, (4) Reward/Cash Back for Petrol, (5) Customer Service, (6) FREE Access to Airport Lounges, (7) Enrich Miles Conversion, (8) Travel and Medical Insurance, (9) Internet, (10) 0% Interest Balance Transfer and (11) Others.

I thought I should extract from my overall analysis in determining The Best Top 10 Credit Cards in Malaysia and present to you a detailed analysis of two of the Sub-Categories that many are interested in, i.e. Airport Lounge and Petrol.

In respect of the above mentioned paragraph, I am pleased to present to you my NEW Exclusive Best Credit Cards for FREE Access to Airport Lounge and Best Credit Card for Petrol.

For The Best Credit Card for Earning Enrich Miles or KrisFlyer Miles, please click here to my Comprehensive Review of The Best Credit Card to earn Frequent Flyer Miles at Generations XYZ blogspot.

For The Best Credit Card for Earning AirAsia Big Points, please click here to my article titled The Best Credit Cards to Earn AirAsia Big Points and Fly For FREE at Generations XYZ blogspot.


In determining the best credit cards for petrol for the purpose of this article, the credit cards are ranked solely based on their EFFECTIVE CASH BACK which have taken into consideration of the cards’ annual fee. It is assumed that the cards stated in the analysis below are used mainly for Petrol only and nothing else.

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