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Affin BHPetrol Cash Back Credit Card Review 2018

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While researching for my upcoming Best Top 10 Credit Cards in Malaysia – Episode III (scheduled to be published on 28 January 2016), I happened to come across AffinBank BHPetrol Touch & Fuel MasterCard which really gives the cardholder 10% cash back on weekends at BHP Petrol! But one must always read the Terms & Conditions of any credit card they intend to sign up for. However, most are too lazy to do so and would just google “benefit of AffinBank BHPetrol Touch & Fuel MasterCard” and most probably end up in some website that won’t tell you all the cons. But if you stumble upon this review, then you are in luck because I will tell you the pros and the cons of a particular credit card; and in this case, the AffinBank BHPetrol Touch & Fuel MasterCard.

AffinBank BHPetrol Mastercard Review

AffinBank Touch n Fuel MAsterCard

Benefits of AffinBank Touch & Fuel MasterCard

1. The first year annual fee is waived. For subsequent years, the card annual fee will be waived with minimum spending of RM2,400 p.a.

AffinBank Credit Car d Annual Fee Waiver

2. 10% Cash Back for Petrol on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

3. 2% Cash Back for Petrol on weekdays (Mon-Fri).

4. Travel Insurance, This is a pretty good  feature, considering AffinBank BHPetrol Touch & Fuel MasterCard is an Entry Level credit card.

AffinBank Travel Insurance

5. Affin Bonus – UNLIMITED 0.8% cash back for spending above RM1500. Petrol transactions are not entitled to Affin Bonus.

AffinBank Bonus Points

Cons of AffinBank BHPetrol Touch & Fuel MasterCard

1. The Petrol Cash Back is only for the PRINCIPAL Cardholder.

2. You will earn nothing if you spend less than RM100 per month.

3. The Petrol cash back is capped at RM50 OR up to three times (3X) BHPetrol transactions per month!!! WTF, unless you are driving a gas guzzle, with the 3X pumping limit, it is very tough for you to hit the monthly cap of RM50.

4. The Petrol 2% Cash Back on weekdays and 10% Cash Back on weekends scheme is guaranteed until 30 November 2016. After that, AffinBank may revise the cash back scheme.

5. The petrol cash back is only valid for transactions at the ISLAND PUMP!

AffinBank BHP Touch n Fuel Terms Conditions


If you can pump minimum RM200 petrol with 3 transactions every month at BHPetrol, this AffinBank BHPetrol Touch & Fuel MasterCard is really good even though they limit it to 3X a month. After the 3rd time, switch to the FREE FOR LIFE Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan and earn 5%

Now, please note from the above I mentioned minimum RM200 with 3 swipes at BHPetrol. Reason is you need to spend RM2,400 per year for the subsequent year’s annual fee to be waived. Another thing you need to remember, AffinBank may or may not extend the 10% cash back for petrol after 1st December 2016.

IF you are pumping RM60 per week, then having this card may be a bit tricky. Say you use the AffinBank BHPetrol 3 times a month at BHPetrol only, it means you will only spend RM180 per month with the card. Therefore, you will not have spent RM2,400 a year to have the annual fee waived. So what you must do is swipe additional minimum average RM20 per month on the card so that you would have spent RM2,400/year.

Based on the above paragraph where you would earn ZERO cash back for the RM20 spending, the effective cash back you would get from the AffinBank BHPetrol is still very good at 9% (RM18/RM200 x 100%).

AS for Customer Service, I am so used to the fantastic TRUE 24/7 Customer Service from Maybank. So when I called Affin Bank Customer Service last weekend, I was kind of pissed off when I was told that I need to call back during office hours.

Last but not least, if you do intend to sign up for the Affin Bank BHPetrol Touch & Fuel MasterCard, go to their website and learn more on how to can get a FREE gift if you spend RM500 with it.

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