Announcement – Events in May 2018 To Thank My Supporters and My Return To Alexa Ranking


I am extremely grateful to each and everyone of you who have Liked my Facebook Page whereby it has reached a milestone of 7,000 Likes – THANK YOU.

Facebokk 7K Likes

I must also say that I was really touched by the kind words some of you took the trouble to post/comment at my Facebook Page when I announced that I was going to stop blogging in 2016 and finally suspended GenX GenY GenZ in May 2017.

And I was blown away with the welcome back greetings you guys extended to me when GenX GenY GenZ was “reborn” on 25 December 2017 where more than 400 Liked my announcement at Facebook.

As you are well aware, since my “reborn”, many of my articles are now “protected” where you will need a password. And I have told you guys why this is so. It is because many websites would copy my articles and publish them without my consent. Just google “GenX GenY GenZ Malaysia” and you will see that my Best Top 10 Credit Cards Showdown for years 2015, 2016 and 2017 have been stolen and republished without giving me any credit.

If you are a Die Hard Supporter of mine, you would have gotten all the passwords to all my protected articles. All you had to do was read my Facebook posts where I will state the password(s). However, for certain exclusive articles, you had to use your little finger and satisfy certain requirements that I have set forth. But if you were stubborn as hell and refused to Like or Share my FB post(s) when instructed, it is your fault for not being granted the password(s), hahaha.

So, to each and everyone of you who have participated in my “missions”, Liked my FB post(s), Shared my FB post(s) when told you to do so, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

For those of you who just joined my blog, welcome. Please read my FB post below:


Return To Alexa Ranking

Back in 2016, thanks to all of you and Google Search Engine, my then 10+ months young website was ranked in the TOP 1% in the world. To be exact, it is in the top 0.2% worldwide according to Alexa where my site has a Global Rank of 613K+. Did you know that there are more than 300,000,000 domains in the internet today.

Alexa Ranking 2016

I created GenX GenY GenZ Dotcom for the benefit of my readers back in December 2015 after I “lost control” of my Generations XYZ blogspot to bombarding ads as a result of me inserting so many ad codes over the years until I didn’t know how to disable them, hahaha.

FYI, previously the highest Alexa ranking I got for Generation XYZ blogspot was 800K+. So ranking of 600K+ (back in October 2016, in July 2016 it was 500K+) was pretty good considering that it is less than a year old.

As for ranking in Malaysia, it was in the Top 5000 back in October 2016.

I am pleased to report that Alexa has once again ranked GenX GenY GenZ. But I am no where near where I was in 2016 maybe due to my many exclusive articles which are protected. This is fine with me, as my exclusive articles is my way to thank my grateful supporters.

Alexa Ranking April 2018


As I have mentioned before, the income I earned from the ads is negligible and is not even enough to pay for one month’s supply of Marlboro Lights – where the deadly chemicals enhance my sick imagination to produce freaking high quality articles but at the same time I have to sacrifice my lifespan for your benefit. Actually, the total income I earned from ads from 2015 to 2017 was not even enough to pay for the yearly maintenance fee of this GenX GenY GenZ dotcom domain! So Bro & Sis, I  have been doing you guys a big favour for many years for FREE…… and you can continue to benefit further, at no cost to you……. all you have to do is buta-buta follow my instructions and use your little finger(s) when instructed to do so, hahaha.

Events In May To Thank My Loyal Supporters

Readers’ Choice Award – Malaysia’s Top 5 Credit Cards

In conjunction with the election fever, you guys will get to determine the GenX GenY GenZ Readers’ Choice Award for the Top 5 Best Credit Cards in Malaysia. I will make the announcement at my Facebook on 3rd May to request for your nominations/votes . You will then have until 5pm @ 5th May 2018 to summit the top 3 credit cards of your choice. I will then compile the nominations/votes and announce the results prior to 7th May 2018.

Winner Readers Choice Malaysia Best Credit Card 2018

The Readers’ choice Award 2018 is an unbiased and independent system where you guys determine the best credit cards in Malaysia without me interfering/influencing the result as I don’t get to vote!

Credit Card Ultimate Showdown 2018 – Malaysia Best Top 10 Credit Cards

To thank you for your support, I am pleased to announce that I will produce my annual Ultimate Credit Card Showdown to determine the Best Top 10 Credit Cards in Malaysia 2018.

However, in order to read it, you must satisfy several requirements:

Requirement No.1

You must agree to my Terms and Conditions to read my articles prior to 7th May 2018. If you have yet to do so, please click here now to my Facebook Post dated 28 March 2018 and follow the instructions.


Verification That You Are Not A Spy From The  Dark Side

I need to verify that you have Liked GenX GenY GenZ on or before 7th May 2018. If your settings are set to private, then it is not my problem but yours to prove this said requirement. Example below is where I can verify you:


Below is an example where I can’t verify when you Liked GenX GenY GenZ. Therefore, you are automatically disqualified unless you rectify the matter or depending on my mood whereby I may accept your explanation.


Please click here to my Facebook Post dated 15th April where you will get a step by step guide using PC as to how to set your About so that I can verify you:


Requirement No.3


You must Share my FB post announcing the above mentioned Readers’ Choice Award on 7 May 2018 at your Facebook timeline to the public. Once you have done so, please Private Message at Facebook to claim the password for the Ultimate Showdown To Determine The Best Credit Card in Malaysia 2018 (scheduled to be published in mid May).

If you do not satisfy the above three (3) requirements, you will still get to see the Summary of my Ultimate Showdown, i.e. The Best To 10 Credit Cards in Malaysia 2018; however, you won’t have access to the detailed analysis where I will tell you the pros and cons of each card.

In the meantime, click here to check out the Readers’ choice Award 2018 for The Best Cash Back Credit Cards 2018, the very  first truly unbiased and independent voting system in Malaysia, back in January 2018, to determine the best credit cards developed by GenX GenY GenZ, Malaysia’s No.1 Unbiased Personal Finance Website 🙂

Yours truly,

GenX 25 GenX