My Disciple’s Business Class Travel Report with Singapore Airlines Dusseldorf to Singapore November 2018

I have been following Sifu blog about 3 years ago. At that moment, I was not eligible for Maybank 2 Cards Premier and immediately I opt for 2 Cards Platinum. By following Sifu methods, I had finally flew my first business class flight with SIA from Düsseldorf to Singapore. It was a peak period but I managed to secure a seat about 4 months in advance, not in waitlist.

While queuing for check-in at Düsseldorf airport, I was expecting a swift check-in. To my surprise, the movement for Business class is much slower than Economy class! Many passengers having several oversized baggage with them (hence slowing down the handling process). It took nearly half an hour for merely 10-12 passengers in front of me to complete the check-in process.

Upon check-in, I was offered to Lufthansa Business Lounge. The lounge is located in Schengen area (before passport control). It is quite a big lounge but slightly crowded, probably due to peak period, quite a number of planes are flying in the morning. Breakfast are available but I was too full to take anymore. The choice is limited and I think my hotel breakfast is better than this. There are more drinks option than food.

Dusseldorf Lufthansa Business Class Lounge 1

Dusseldorf Lufthansa Business Class Lounge 2

It is an A350 flight with 1-2-1 seat configuration. There is no first class on A350 but there are 2 sections of business class and hence 2 rows of bulkhead seats. For normal seats, as mentioned by Sifu, we have to sleep senget, but for bulkhead seats, there is plenty leg rooms. Next time I shall book a bulkhead seat but feel bad for those bringing infant and left none for them.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Airbus A350 Dusseldorf to Singapore 1

Singapore Airlines Business Class Airbus A350 Dusseldorf to Singapore 2

For the meal, it was started with satay and followed by Sea Scallops with Pumpkin Apricot Puree. For main course, I opted for Chicken with pasta and roasted beetroots. Braised apple ice cream for dessert and no more room for the cheese.

For breakfast before touch down, I was given a plate of fruits and for the main course, I had chosen German Apple Pancake. It is quite bland and almost tasteless. I think I made a wrong choice. Should have opted for Cheese and Bacon Quiche or Fried Rice Vermicelli.

As the flight delayed in departure and late on arrival, I have to rush for my transit flight with dead legs (walking too much while travel). I merely have time to check-in Krisflyer Gold Lounge. The lounge is much better than Düsseldorf and the food variety is exceptional. Too bad I have no time to enjoy the lounge (not even a photo) and leave in hurry.

How I wish to have offered as Sifu air miles disciple much earlier. I would have flew in first class instead. Nevertheless, upcoming air miles redemption will reserve for my parents to fly on Business class (at least) to USA to visit my brother. Thanks again to Sifu for helping us achieving our dreams!

On behalf of all my followers, I thank my fellow Bro for sharing with us his Business Class experience Düsseldorf to Singapore – November 2018.