Rolex Submariner 11610LV Kermit by DC

Below is an article by my Guest Columnist who managed to secure a Rolex Collector’s Watch, i.e. Submariner 11610LV aka Kermit.


Was called for business meeting in Germany hence the thought of getting a submariner in Europe has finally come into action!

Before 1 week departure of my trip to Europe, I did some homework and search for different Rolex authorized dealer in Germany/Austria/Swiss.. I am trying to get either submariner hulk, batman or pepsi.. After 30 calls to different outlets, I have actually gave up because these hot models are  out of stock worldwide and if one were to place booking, may have to wait up for another 3-4 years unless you’re VVIP to them…

Still, with hope, at the first few days in Frankfurt city, I walked into different outlets to try my luck, and all give me the same answer. So I was rather disappointing and thought I will never get one again….until I was walking pass a small shop – RIGHT IN FRONT the train station and I saw a rolex watch with green bezel.

I stop-by, and roll my eyes, and look again.

It’s a Rolex Submariner 11610LV Kermit, pre-owned, and the store owner just display this for 3 hours.. He is offering this beautiful piece of watch at  6,500 euro, 100% genuine !

This is definitely a steal, a quick search in chrono 24 for Kermit will be around 40-50k Ringgit !!

6500 Euro x 4.9 = 31,850 RINGGIT!!!!!!!

Rolex Submariner 11610LV Price in Malaysia Ringgit.jpg

Without second thought, I called to maybank2 premier CS asking to extend my credit limit for 30k, and 15 minutes later…i use my maybank2 card visa infinite to swipe for this card.

The watches shop is about 100 years old and I trust the owner will not risk their own reputation for selling imitate goods, also their physical store is there so if something happened I can always look for them.

Anyway, getting Kermit can always compensate for not getting a hulk as I understand it is almost impossible nowadays to get a new hulk from an authorised dealer at ori price…unless you pay for premium from watch trader.

Rolex Submariner 11610LV Live Photo in Europe


Rolex Submariner 11610LV Live Photo in Europe 1

Rolex Submariner 11610LV Live Photo in Europe 3

My next wish-list is to get a batman from Europe on my next coming trip…lets wish me luck ahahaha

I would like to thank DC for taking the trouble to produce the above short article for our benefit and hopefully the information provided will assist you guys in your hunt for hard to get Rolex Collector Watches.