My Coming Europe Trip 2019 – I am Flying NEW Suite Class with Singapore Airlines A380. My Wife and Daughter Also Get To Experience Suite Class Too Which Is Beyond First Class

I have always wanted to go to Rome and visit the Colosseum. I guess it is because of Bruce Lee versus Chuck Norris epic fight in The Way of The Dragon, hahaha.

In my previous article, I mentioned my youngest Dragon GenZ daughter did exceptionally well in the VCE (Victoria Certificate of Education) and she wants to pursue a Law degree. Based on her results, she is guaranteed a place at the No.1 Ranked University in Australia, i.e. University of Melbourne’s Juris Program. She also has the option to opt for Monash Bachelor of Commence and Law Double Degree. Not only that, she has also been accepted into Australia National University, which is ranked No.12 in the world for Law, for a Bachelor of Commence and Law Double Degree. She has yet to decide which uni to go but most likely I guess she will opt for Uni of Melbourne.

And to reward my youngest daughter for her fantastic results, I decided to take her to Europe in the summer of 2019. Most Australia universities will have a month long break in July.

However, I could hardly get any Business Class tickets to London or Rome with Singapore Airlines in the month of July 2019!!!

But guess what? I managed to redeem a ticket with Singapore Airlines NEW Suite on their A380 from London to Singapore in July of 2019. I am really blessed!

GEnX Travel Itinerary Suite London to Sin 2019.jpg

GenX New Suite LHR To SIN 2019.jpg

Not only that, I also managed to redeem for my wife and daughter a Suite Class with Singapore Airlines, but the Old Suite version as I have shown in my article titled My Singapore Airlines Suite Class Airbus A380 Travel Report Melbourne To Singapore – November 2018 (click here to read it) where I have many photos plus a video too so that you can feel as if you are with me.

GenX Wife and DAughter Suite Class.jpg

My wife’s and daughter’s Suite Class LHR to SIN and Business Class SIN to KUL

Like I mentioned, nowadays I believe everything happens for a reason. What you think may be a bad omen is actually a blessing in disguise. You see, because there were no Business Class Direct Flight tickets with Singapore Airlines for the entire month of July to or from London or Rome, I only looked into First Class and to my surprised there were tickets to redeem using KrisFlyer Miles!!! I tell you, all this has been arranged by All Mighty Holy God (Universe to some) to reward me for past life where I must have been a very good boy and thus having lots of positive Karma points.


As I mentioned at the start, I want to visit Rome but there are no Business Class tickets Singapore direct to Rome in the month of July for me to redeem (3 tickets). June and July are summer months in Northern Hemisphere where it is peak period. As of date, my wife, my daughter and I only have tickets back from London to KL but no tickets to Rome, hahaha.

But above is not an issue because there are more than 1 way to fly to Europe for FREE. My Air Miles disciples are taught to think outside the box in regards to playing air miles where we are sure to get a ticket to our intended destination(s).

I have identified several airlines which I can redeem FREE tickets to Rome (as of 21 Dec 2018) but I have yet to decide which to choose. Moreover, I just used up more than 400K KrisFlyer Miles and therefore I will need to convert my Maybank Treats Points to appropriate air miles (depending on which airlines) in order to redeem the flights to Rome.