Production Of Japanese Whisky Nikka 12 Years And Kirin Gotemba Fujisanroku Tarujuku 50˚ Will Cease But They Are Now In My Spirit Collection Plus The Rare Macallan 12 Years 43% Alcohol 700ml Bottle


Last year, Suntory announced that they will cease production of Hibiki 17 and Hakushu 12. So I immediately went hunting for them and managed to get 2 bottles of the extremely hard to get Hibiki 17!!! Click here to read my article titled Rare Hibiki 17 Yamazaki 12 Hakushu 12 Award Winning Whiskies Are Now Part of My Japanese Whisky Collection in Melbourne.

In the above article, you will be surprised to learn how the Hibiki 17 is packed straight from the factory in a huge box whereby there is only 1 bottle inside! You will also get to see my Yamazaki 12 Years and Hakushu 12 Years plus the prices in Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

The best part is, one of my followers who read the article above immediately contacted his relative in Perth and also managed to get a bottle of Hibiki 17 for under AUD500 🙂

Last week, a follower of mine sent me an article by

For Nikka (click here to another informative article at Nomunication), this includes axing Nikka 12, one of the last budget-friendly aged Japanese whiskies, and ‘temporarily suspending’ two of my personal favourites, the Coffey Grain and Malt whiskies. In this case, the 12 year old will apparently be replaced by a new release, the no age statement (NAS) ‘Tailored’.

Another major whisky brand not very well known outside of Japan, Kirin Gotemba, is also dropping its Fujisanroku Tarujuku 50˚ whisky.

Now, please note, it is stated that the Nikka 12 and Kirin Fujisanroku Tarujuku 50˚ are to be discontinued and not suspended. This means that both these Japanese whiskies will soon be Collectors’ items.

So, being kiasu as usual, I immediately started surfing the internet and found that Nicks Wine Merchant had stock for both the Kirin Fujisanroku Tarujuku 50˚ and Nikka 12!!!

So, I drove to Nicks Wine Merchant to purchase the above mentioned whiskies. Whilst there, I saw the Macallan 12 Years and to my surprise to Sales Rep told me that the Macallan 12 has 2 versions!!!

YES – Nicks Wine Merchant has the original Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years in 40% Alcohol in 700ml bottle (AUD125) or 43% Alcohol in 750ml bottle (AUD135).

I tell you, the reason I started trying out whiskies is because I felt in love with Macallan 12 Years a few years ago when my uncle asked if I wanted to try it at a Chinese restaurant and I found it to be super sweet with the Chinese food. FYI, I’m a Cognac lover.

If you visit Macallan website, you will note that they are only selling the Macallan 12 Years in 70cl and 40% ABV. Therefore the 43% ABV 750ml bottle is no longer available.

So I bought the Macallan 12 Years 43% ABV 750ml bottle for AUD135 because it is now no longer in distribution.

It is getting harder to get the original Sherry Oak Macallan 12 Years in KL and Australia. Yes there are many newer versions such as Double Cask and Triple Cask but they are nothing like the original Macallan Sherry Oak Cask 12 Years. I tell you, if you ever see an original Macallan 12 Years, I suggest that you grab it because soon it will be like Japanese Whisky where original Aged Bottles are harder to come by. HOWEVER, there are many fake Macallan 12 Years in Malaysia too and I recommend that you scrutinize the quality of the printing because the real Macallan’s printing quality is superior and has no “defects” and the “door” is not hanging in the air (you will understand this when you see a fake Macallan)!

Price of Nikka 12 and Kirin Fujisanroku Tarujuku 50˚ in Melbourne Australia

I paid AUD99.99 and AUD250 for the Kirin Fujisanroku Tarujuku 50˚ and The Nikka 12 Years  respectively.

So for those of you who reside in Australia, you can also get the above mentioned soon to be Collector Japanese Whisky for the same price because Nicks Wine Merchant ships Australia wide and even won an award for being the Winner of Australia Online Retailer!

Without further ado, I am proud (shiok sendiri) to present to you photos of my new Nikka 12 Years,  4 bottles of the Kirin Fujisanroku Tarujuku 50˚ and a super rare Macallan 12 Years 43% alcohol 750ml bottle 🙂

Photos of Latest Japanese Whisky and Macallan Added To My Melbourne Collection

Limited Edition Japanese Whisky and Macallan.jpg

Kirin Fujisanroku Tarujuku 50˚

I have never tried the Kirin Fujisanroku Tarujuku 50˚ before but I bought 4 bottles! But according to the earlier Forbes’ article I mentioned above, this Kirin Fujisanroku Tarujuku 50˚ is suppose to be one of the best selling Japanese Whisky in Japan! So, it must be pretty good and value for money.

I intend to try 1 bottle and the remaining bottles I intend to keep but may give one bottle to my super die hard follower who gave me a Nikka Limited Edition Samurai Gold & Gold!

Kirin Fujisanroku Tarujuku 50 Discontinued Best Selling Japanese Whisky.jpg

Kirin Fujisanroku Tarujuku 50 Discontinued Best Selling Japanese Whisky Australia

These bottles are imported by an Australian registered company.

Off Topic – below is the Nikka Limited Edition Samurai Helmet and Amour Gold & Gold given to me as a gift by one of my super die hard follower 🙂

Nikka Limited Edition Gold and Gold Samurai.jpg

Nikka 12 Premium Blended Whisky – The Latest Collector Whisky for 2019 Because It Is No Longer Being Produced!!!

Nikka !2 Years Premium Blended Whisky Discontinued Collector Item

Nikka !2 Years Premium Blended Whisky Discontinued Limited Edition

Nikka !2 Years Premium  Blended Whisky Discontinued Collector Item Box and Rear Label.jpg

Looks like this is a Japanese version for their domestic market.

Want to hear a joke? Well, I have tried the Nikka 12 and I don’t enjoy it! Like I said, I kiasu, because The Nikka 12 is discontinued, I must have a bottle, hahaha.

Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years 43% ABV 750ml Discontinued (?)

Macallan Sherry Oak Limited Edition 43 ABV 750ml 70cl.jpg

Macallan Sherry Oak Limited Edition 43 ABV 750ml 70cl Rear 2.jpg

Macallan Sherry Oak Limited Edition 43 ABV 750ml 70cl Front and Back Label.jpg

Looks like this bottle was meant for the USA market.

Once again, check out the quality of the printing on the box and the labels on the bottle and the box. The wordings are very clear without any defects. The Mansion’s door is not hanging in the air and the tress on both sides are gold in colour and reflective.

If you see a bottle of Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years in KL, selling for less than RM400 which is more reasonable than ridiculous priced of Japanese Aged Whisky, I suggest you get a few bottles as the prices of these said wonderful spirits are sure to increase with time and if Macallan ever decides to stop producing them, the price will sky rocket.

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