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Australia Best Credit Cards For Accumulating Air Miles 2019 Part II

In the previous Australia Best Credit Cards 2019 Part I, I have identified the Entry Level credit cards which are good for my just graduated son for the purpose of accumulating Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles and they are as follows:

  • American Express Essential – FREE FOR LIFE without any conditions.
  • American Express Platinum Edge – AMA Version
  • American Express Explorer Credit Card
  • Westpac Altitude Platinum Bundle with AMEX
  • St. George (or Bank of Melbourne) Amplify Visa Platinum
  • St. George (or Bank of Melbourne) Amplify Visa Signature

In the previous Chapter I have also mentioned why I advise my son to accumulate KrisFlyer Miles over Qantas.

In this Part II, I shall perform comparisons to determine which credit card combination would earn my son the most KrisFlyer Miles based on different categories of spending. I will also need to assume where my son’s money will go to, e.g. Supermarket, Petrol, Taxes, Shopping and Restaurants.

First and foremost, here is a table summarizing how much one needs to spend in order to earn 1 KrisFlyer Mile:

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