I Am So Happy That I Once Again Received SMS From Maybank

Previously I told you guys that I no longer receive any SMS from Maybank because I downloaded their App and stupid me agreed to Secure2U without knowing what the hell it was.

You see, once you accept Secure2U, your transactions will be notified via Maybank App instead of SMS. This is not good if we are overseas or at places where we do not have data!

But because I bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, I had to “resign up” with the Maybank App on a new device and somehow after that I have been receiving SMS for whatever transactions my Supp Cards or I perform with our Maybank credit cards 🙂

The first thing I told you all to do in my FREE Credit Card Tutorial 101 is that you must call Maybank Customer Service and set your SMS Default Value to RM1. This is extremely important else Maybank system’s AI will only send out SMS if they suspect that the transaction with your credit card is a fraud case.

Say for example, if you have been constantly transacting RM500 with Lazada, Maybank’s system may not automatically send you an SMS if someone hacked into your Lazada Account where your Maybank credit card number was auto saved.

As for Lazada and Shopee, I hate their new system where they will automatically save our credit card number and no longer provide us the option to save or not to save it.

The worst part is, for saved cards in Lazada or Shopee, sometimes, well most of the time, the payment will be approved instantly without us getting MSOS/OTP from Maybank!

If you have yet to read my article titled What You Must Do If You Use Your Credit Card At Lazada (or Shopee) Malaysia, I strongly recommend that you click here now and read it!

Don’t be stubborn or lazy not to delete the saved credit cards in your Shopee or Lazada Shopping Accounts and even your eWallet accounts such as Boost, Big Pay and TnG eWallet where anyone having your phone will have access to them and the OTP!!! You will regret big time if you do not follow my recommendations and instructions.

I tell you, with Lazada introducing games where we can earn coins and visit Friends’ virtual cities and Request To Be Friend, this has opened another opportunity for scammers. There was on person who called himself Big Pay (with Big Pay Logo too) asking me to be his Friend!

And Lazada specifically said not to disclose any Personal Information to any seller that contacts you. Well, I bought something and the damn seller kept calling my handphone and when I did not pick up the call, he contacted me via Lazada message to asked when he could call me. I replied to him, via Lazada Message, to contact me immediately which he did and he asked for my name! It was odd as he should have my name and address. Reluctantly I gave him my name and then he pulak asked for my Birth Date! This is a security question and therefore no way I am telling anyone over the phone! So he cancelled my order.

Actually the above, i.e the seller cancelled my order, is a blessing. The stuff which I ordered was not a necessity but I ordered it so that the total amount for my order (with several sellers) adds up to RM180 so that I can get RM20 discount with my Maybank credit card. So I will be refunded for the cancelled item but I already saved RM20 for other stuff that I bought 🙂

Whatever I tell you to do is for your benefit, I gain nothing!

So listen to me, never ever disclose your personal information to anyone. And every time you download and sign up in an App, your personal data is being collected.

Many of you greedy people have applied for credit cards via a third party online. I cannot comprehend why one would foolishly give away their personal info to a third party instead of applying directly with the bank. If you are one of these people, it is too late to do anything, hahaha.

So for those of you who have yet to apply for a credit card, DON’T BE GREEDY for useless gifts from third party website which will not make your life better, i.e. DO NOT apply via a third party website but go directly to the bank website to apply for their credit cards. Moreover, nowadays many banks offer some sort of free gifts if you apply directly with them.

And if you are traveling overseas, make sure you get an anti-theft bag. If you do not listen to me and thinks that shit won’t happen to you, you are greatly mistaken!

Not to say that with you having an anti-theft bag you won’t be pick pocketed BUT the risk is significantly reduced because the pick pocketer would rather find an easier target that have not taken any precautions.

My stubborn disciples who have not listened to me to get an anti-theft bag have been pick pocketed where they either lost their phone or credit cards! The person who got his credit cards stolen had no roaming and therefore did not know that his credit cards were being used!!!

In respect to the above, I do not have Roaming Data with my Maxis line when I am overseas but my Maxis handphone line does have Roaming Calls and SMS, therefore I am super happy that I can once again receive SMS from Maybank whenever my credit card is used 🙂

Last but not least, make sure you get an anti-theft bag, this is extremely important if you are going to Europe. Click here to see may PacSafe Anti-Theft Traveling Sling Bag.

UPDATE 29th October 2020

I also have a message for those of you with Boost App.

As you all know, Boost App can be easily signed in if someone gets hold of your phone and they will have access to transact with your Boost App if they have saw you keying in your PIN. FYI, Boost can be sign in on any mobile device and all one needs is your Password!

The worst thing about Boost is that one may not need OTP when topping up less than RM200!

In respect to the above, previously I have warned you to delete your saved credit cards from your Boost App and other Apps too…. especially credit cards that you are no longer using to top up Boost, i.e. useless Maybank credit cards in this case.

HOWEVER, let me warn you too that you should not top up more than twice a day with Boost or else your account may be suspended for security purposes. This warning applies to using the same credit card or different credit cards.

And if your bank account number is still saved in your Boost App, you should delete it as it no longer serves any purpose.