The Best Top 5 Credit Cards For Online Transactions in Malaysia 2021


If you are new to credit cards, I suggest you first click here and read my FREE Tutorial 2020 on Credit Card 101.

Nowadays we can practically pay for anything online including purchasing Petrol Vouchers to save more money. We can pay our utilities, taxes, telcos and other bills online and therefore saving us lots of time. By ordering online, Groceries (including durians and seafood) and even our Road Tax can be delivered straight to our homes. As such, online transactions cover practically every category you can think of unlike for Petrol & Groceries.

And the best part of online shopping is we can compare the prices from different sellers for a particular product in the comfort of our home anytime day or night…. but then again there are many con man too. So when purchasing online, make sure you purchase from a reliable seller with lots of good reviews.

Like I mentioned in my prelude (click here to read it -The Best Cash Back Credit Cards in Malaysia – Submit Your Favorite) to my Malaysia Best Credit Cards Series for 2021, another category which may interest credit card users is for paying Insurance Premiums – which can be paid online too.

As usual, for a credit card to be qualified as one of the Best Credit Cards in Malaysia by yours truly, the most important criteria is that the credit card must offer auto annual fee waiver with or without spending conditions or maximum 12 swipes.

Before you proceed to read the next page, I suggest you first click here to read The Best Top 5 Credit Cards for Petrol and Groceries in Malaysia 2021 because some of the credit cards may overlap in my series of Best Credit Cards in Malaysia for 2021 and there may be some details on a specific credit card not repeated here.

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