The Best Top 5 Credit Cards for Contactless Payments in Malaysia 2021

Maybank 2 Cards Premier

Are you surprised to see the Maybank 2 Cards Premier here? Well if you have received your renewed AMEX Reserve, you will note that it now comes with Contactless feature!

If your AMEX Reserve does not have the Contactless logo, contact Maybank Customer Service Toll FREE line and request for one 🙂

Below is a photo of my AMEX Reserve with Contactless feature:

I am not going to repeat the Pros and Cons of the Maybank 2 Cards Premier as I have stated them in my Best Top 5 Credit Card for Online Transactions 2021 (click here to read it).

However, I will say this, there is no limit as to how many 5X TP (for every RM1 spent) we can earn per month with the Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve. we are guaranteed to earn 5X TP regardless of the amount every time we use the Contactless (even for amount more than RM250 where we need to enter our PIN) feature except for transactions related to Insurance, Education, Utilities and Government.

And if you are not an air miles fan where we can maximum returns when we redeem for First Class tickets, you still can get unlimited 3% equivalent cash back (with the AMEX Reserve) as I have taught many of you in my previous articles either using Enrich Miles or KrisFlyer Miles.

As for the Visa Infinite, this said card has the Contactless feature for years. Whenever I go overseas, I will use the Maybank Visa Infinite contactless feature (you can even register and use it for Tube in London!!! Best with Samsung Pay so we don’t even need to touch our wallet). And the best part of owning the Maybank Visa Infinite is that I can link it to Samsung Pay to Double Dip including for my overseas transactions were I do not even have mobile data!!!

Click here to read about Samsung Pay, it is damn good and you should link your Maybank Visa Infinite to it too to earn more.

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