The Best Top 5 Credit Cards for Contactless Payments in Malaysia 2021

Affin Bank Visa Signature

Annual Income Requirement: RM48K per annum.

Affin Bank Visa Signature Cash Back Credit Card

Main Benefit of Affin Bank Visa Signature

The main benefit of the Affin Visa Signature is that it earns you 3% cash back on all contactless transactions excluding government and charity transactions. Which means this credit card rewards you cash back for all categories including Insurance and Utilities!

The monthly cash back is capped at RM80; therefore you can spend up to RM2,666 per month to earn 3% cash back.

Nowadays practically all merchant’s credit card terminal have PayWave feature. So this card is actually pretty good for almost anything that you can pay with PayWave.

Annual Fee

Annual fee for the first year is waived. For subsequent years, according to Affin’s website, you need to spend RM6K for the annual fee to be auto waived. However, when you check out Affin Bank’s TnC/Product Disclosure on Fees, you will see that the annual fee of the Affin Bank Visa Signature can be auto waived with 12 swipes per year.

Affin Visa Signature Annual Fee Waiver

However the annual fee on Supp card is not clear to me. You better check with Affin Bank on this.

This card is useless for non-contactless payments!!!

Earn 1X AFFIN Rewards Point for every RM1 PIN based and Card-Not-Present transaction spent**
** Refers to e-commerce, mail order telephone order, recurring and standing instruction


As mentioned in the Introduction, for amount above RM250 with PayWave, we will need to key in our PIN and therefore the transaction will be treated as PIN based transaction and not eligible for cash back.

With maximum cash back of RM80 per month, that means the cardholder can earn up to RM960 per year!

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