The Best Top 5 Credit Cards for Contactless Payments in Malaysia 2021


Once again, please remember, unlike for AMEX credit cards, for the Affin Bank VS, PBB Quantum MasterCard and CIMB e Credit Card, in order to be classified as Contacless Payment, you must not key in your PIN number!!! Remember this.

With the Affin Bank Visa Signature and Public Bank Quantum Visa, you can earn more cash back in addition to the cash back credit cards that I have l listed in my Best Top 5

Once again, with Contactless features, you can earn cash back for Insurance premiums, at restaurants, Departmental Stores, Tyre Shops, Car Maintenance (paying for servicing your car or buying a new battery), Health and Organic Food Outlets, Pharmacies, Speed 99, KK Mart and many other outlets where you can’t earn cash back with the Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum Cards AMEX.

Like I mentioned, almost all new credit cards including AMEX now offer Contacless feature which is great for quick and easy payment less than RM250. And to double dip, link your Visa or MasterCard credit cards to Samsung Pay which can transform selected banks’ credit cards to have the Contacless feature!!!

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