FREE Money From Shopee To Pay Your Bills Or Top Up Mobile PrePaid

Step by step tutorial to guide idiots so that they are sure able to top up their Mobile Prepaid Plan at Shopee

Step 1 – Tap on Deals, Top Up & Bills

Step 2 – Select Desired Option.

In this example, I tapped on Mobile Reloads but as you can see from the image below, you can also pay bills such as Astro, Unifi, Water and Local Council (limited but if you can pay any one of them it is freaking good).

Step 3 – Since I am Topping Up Hotlink, I tapped on it.

Step 4 – Tap on Voucher

Step 5 – Claim All Vouchers Possible

However, like I told you earlier, since I did not activate Shopee Pay, I am not entitled to many promos with this Shopee Account. BUT in this case I can claim a voucher where I can save RM3, fantastic!

Step 6 – Key In the Mobile Number To Top Up & Select Desired Amount To Top Up

Nice, I get RM0.45 off from the RM30 which works out to 1.5% discount and not 2% as claimed.

Step 7 – You Have To Once Again Select Voucher and Slide To Use The fREE Shopee Coins

On thing bad about Shopee versus Lazada is that – for Shopee we have to do double work when we want to use a voucher.

Earlier I showed you that I have claimed then RM3 Voucher at Step 5. I have to once again go select and “redeem” that voucher. For Lazada’s case, once you claim a voucher, most of the time it is automatically applied and sometimes it can be more than one voucher.

Anyway, I only need to pay RM19.92 to top up RM30 to my Hotlink!!!

Step 8 – MBB OTP. Since I am using my MBB VI to pay for the first time at this Shopee Account, I will get an OTP.

I have advised you not to save any credit card numbers into anywhere for your own good. If you are lazy and save your cards in an App, if you phone is stolen, habis!

Step 9 – Done!

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