FREE Money From Shopee To Pay Your Bills Or Top Up Mobile PrePaid


I wanted to top up RM30 to my Hotlink Account. By using Shopee App, I only had to pay RM19.92; thus I saved RM10.08 which is more than 33.33%!!!!

Saving No.1 – RM0.45 with 1.5% discount.

Saving No.2 – RM3 voucher which is like 10% discount from RM30.

Saving No.3 – RM6.63 from FREE Shopee Coins generated from thin air! Save another more than 20% from RM30.

In addition to the above, I also earned about 8 KrisFlyer air miles. Unfortunately, Maybank is not so stupid to allow us to use AMEX to pay bills as Shopee 😦

Most Shopee addicts may even save more than me if they (1) top up Shopee Wallet with a cash back credit card that gives them 5% cash back and (2) Vouchers that are only applicable if one uses Shopee Pay.

Below image shows that 663 Shoppe Coins have been deducted from my Shopee Account where I showed you I had 2858 at the start.

Wait I am not done with this article………

So with me topping up RM30 to my Hotlink PrePaid, I will then have (1) 30 days validity for the account and (2) RM30 credit to use to redeem vouchers at Hotlink too!!!