GenX’s Disciple Live Travel Report With Singapore Airlines First Class Changi to Europe On Boeing 777 – September 2022

Previously a Bro gave his Live Travel Report at Singapore Airlines Private Room at Changi Airport. Click here to read The Renovated Private Room At Singapore Changi Airport 2022.

I am pleased to present to you the same Bro’s Live Travel Report with Singapore Airlines First Class on the Boeing 777 to Europe:

VVIP Treatment for a young man who is still in his twenties experiencing First Class to Europe on Boeing 777 and his seat was 1A – No.1 🙂

Below is a video the Bro forwarded to me:

GenX’s commentsas you can observe from he photo below, the seat is super wide but it may not be comfortable as there are no armrest for both hands. The Suite Class on the other hand the seat is really comfy and can swivel using using remote.

First Class Amenities

Food and Drinks On Board Singapore Airlines First Class

Time To Sleep – The First Class Seat Converted To Bed

Breakfast after a good rest.

Another happy GenX’s disciple has been blessed to experience Singapore Airlines Suite Class for FREE 🙂

On behalf of all my readers, I thank the Bro for his Live Travel Report on the Singapre Airlines First Class on the Boeing 777 in September 2022.

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