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GenZs are Entering Universities, My Bragging Rights 2019 and The Best Universities In The World – Part II

In my previous article titled GenZs are Entering Universities, My Bragging Rights 2018 and The Best Universities In The World (click here to read it), I mentioned the following:

My eldest son graduated from a USA Top 10 Engineering Uni and subsequently a Masters Degree in Engineering from an Ivy League Uni (Best of the Best Unis in the World). At the start of 2018, he was in his fourth and final year pursuing a Doctor of Medicine degree (M.D). for a World’s Top 50 Med School in Australia. Update Feb 2019 – he has graduated with a M.D and now working in a hospital in Australia earning more than RM200K/year.

My second child a daughter, graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours from a Uni ranked No.2 in the world for pharmacy and at the start of 2018 was in her final year pursuing a Masters in Education which is also ranked Top 50 in the World for Education.

My third child, a son, was in his final year pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Accounting and Banking & Finance from the No.1 Ranked Uni in Australia which is also among the top 50 universities in the world. Update Feb 2019 – he has graduated with his Bachelor of Commence and in 2019 will pursue a Masters Degree in Data Science.

My youngest GenZ daughter as of January 2018 was in Year 12 (in an elite all girls high school) BUT she was accepted into University of Melbourne for 2 semesters in 2018 to attend first year courses!!! Update Feb 2019 – she aced her VCE where she was the only one in the entire state of Victoria who scored 50 for a particular subject and her ATAR score is 99.X which makes her in the top 1% in Australia. She will be pursuing a Bachelor Degree in University of Melbourne (No.1 in Australia and Top 50 in the world) and guaranteed a place to pursue a Juris Doctor Degree in University of Melbourne too.

With the above, technically I can say that all my children were attending World’s Top 50 Universities in 2018!!!

In the above mentioned article, I also showed you what universities you should send your child to, not just any overseas universities BUT only those which are approved by the most kiasu nation on planet earth!!!

As I mentioned previously – “buying a house is the biggest investment for most people. The second biggest “investment” for most people in their lifetime will be paying for their children’s education. Those of you who have no children to feed, you are lucky and get to enjoy your hard earn money all by yourself“. So do not just burn your money sending your child overseas but make sure they go to the best universities so that they can work anywhere on earth especially if your child is pursuing a professional degree (Accounting, Architecture, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy and etc).

With the above brief introduction (click on the link provided in the first paragraph to read Part I if you have not) I shall now present you my Bragging Rights for 2019 🙂

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