GenX’s Disciple Live Travel Report With Emirates New Suite On Boeing 777 September 2022

Previously I shared with you a Live Travel Report from a young man who is still in hiw twenties where he flew First Class with Singapore Airlines to Europe.

Well, the same Bro mentioned above flew back on Emirates First Class, to be exact, he was blessed to experience the Emirates NEW First Class 🙂

Emirates Lounge Frankfurt

And since this young man is a disciple of mine, he knows that the only thing that interest me in a lounge is the qaulty of liquor that is served. And I am surprised the photo below does not show the Hennessy VSOP.

Emirates New First Class

And since there are previous live reports on Emirates First Class Boeing 777 Old and New plus the Airbus A380, the Bro’s report today is short and sweet.

Below photo shows the seat at 1K

On behalf of all my readers, I thank the Bro for his Live Travel Report on the Emirates NEW First Class on the Boeing 777 in September 2022.

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