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My Disciple’s Singapore Airlines NEW A380 Suite Class Travel Experience Report – It Is Truly Beyond First Class!


I want to thank sifu GenX for helping me using my treat points wisely!!!

Before meeting sifu GenX I spent millions and millions of treat points converting to things like annual fee waiver, kfc vouchers and a staggering 1.2m treat points on a water filter worth RM2000!!!

After becoming his disciple and following his advice to stop using cash back cards and focus on airmiles where I can redeem business and first class tickets, I have flown in suites class, first class and twice in business class. Tickets worth easily RM30,000

Shanghai First Class Lounge

After check in I was invited to Air China first class lounge. I did not expect much with air china but I was so wrong.  The food quality inside was much better than most lounges world wide. And there are made to order food

Shanghai Airport First Class Lounge 1

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