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Public Bank Visa Signature and AEON Big Gold Visa Review 2018 – Malaysia Best Cash Back CC for Airport Lounge

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Malaysia Best Cash Back Credit Cards 2018 – Lessons No.6 & No.7

I will combine both Lesson No.6 – Public Bank Visa Signature Review and Lesson No.7 AEON Big Gold Visa Credit Card Review into a single post because they both offer FREE Airport Lounge Access.

Public Bank Visa Signature Review 2018 – Lesson No. 6

Note: The annual income requirement has been lowered to RM80K after I published this review.

Public Bank Visa Signature Review 2018 Best Airport Lounge

The Public Bank Visa Signature has been around for ages and I think it used to be in one of my Top 10 List of Best Credit Cards in Malaysia in one particular year. Can’t remember and anyway it’s no longer relevant as who cares about what a credit card offered in the past.

Below contents were copied from Public Bank website:

Cash Back & VIP Points

  • 6% Cash Back on Grocery, Dining and Online Transaction
  • 1 VIP Point for every RM1 spend on other retail transactions

VIP Points are redeemable for Air Miles, gift vouchers and Products from our Preferred Redemption Rewards Catalogue

Complimentary Access to Malaysia Plaza Premium Lounge Access

2x complimentary access to any Malaysia Plaza Premium Lounge.

My Comments:

The annual fee for the Visa Signature is waived with minimum 12 swipes. This should not be a problem and is easily achievable.

I am surprised that Public Bank still requires one to earn RM100K p.a. to qualify for their Visa Signature.

Well, effective 1st January 2018, the super stingy Public Bank rewarded its loyal customers with a surprise where they reduced the monthly cash back cap for the Visa Signature to RM38, nice number as it ends with No.8 but 38 sounds like “Sum Putt” which means Crazy in one of the Chinese Dialects. And I bet many Public Bank Visa Signature card holders will be cursing Sum Putt when they find out that the cash back cap has been reduced to a miserable RM38 for a so called Premier Card, hahaha.

Public Bank Credit Card Benefits 2018

So with 6% Cash Back for Online, Dining and Grocery coupled with monthly cash back cap of RM38, it means this card is only good for up to RM633.33 spending. Well, it’s not really bad and the card user does earn guaranteed 6% cash back from online transactions up to a spending of RM633.33 per month.

As for the 1X VIP point for every Ringgit spent, I won’t even waste my time talking about it here because it is as good as useless.

2X FREE access to airport lounges still good. It’s FREE lah. However, unlike other banks, where we can get more access to airport lounges by holding different cards of theirs, Public Bank is not only super stingy but super calculative. You see, your FREE access to airport lounge is fixed by the highest ranked Public Bank credit card you hold, hahaha.

Public Bank Visa Signature Airport Lounge Access

The good thing about the Public Bank Visa Signature is that a Supplementary card holder also gets to enter airport lounges for FREE but it will use up the 2X quota, i.e. the 2X FREE access is combined for Principal and Supp card holders.

So if you have another credit card that grants you FREE access to airport lounges, your wife and child who hold a Supp Public Bank Visa Signature can follow you to the lounge for FREE too. But only once and you would have used up the 2X quota, hahaha.

So what is the Public Bank Visa Signature good for, well, if your wife is into Online Shopping, you can give her a Supp Visa Signature and set the Credit Limit set to RM633.33 which will then guarantee you 6% cash back from all her online shopping, hahaha.

That’s it for my review on the Public Bank Visa Signature.

AEON Big Gold Visa Review 2018 – Lesson No. 7

Effective April 2018 – AEON Big Gold Visa Airport Lounge Access has been revised down from 6X to 3X per year.

AEON Big Credit Card Visa Review 2018 Best Airport Lounge

I did publish an AEON Big Gold & Classic Visa Card review here at GenX GenY GenZ dotcom back in March 2016 after a Follower shared with me how wonderful they are. I will just copy what I think is relevant from my old post and update where necessary.


I often get messages from people asking me what credit cards are good based on their spending pattern instead of simply asking what’s the best credit card. This is indeed good as it shows that my FREE articles/tutorials have somewhat taught others that no 2 credit cards are the same and one needs to have the right card to earn some meaningful returns based on his/her own spending pattern.

The best are the ones who use the info I have provided in my articles and then go do further research on the card, e.g. by calling Customer Service or reading the T&C, and then messaging me to let me know their findings (and even correcting my mistakes) so I can share with others 🙂

And what I appreciate most is when someone selflessly takes the trouble to share detailed information that benefits everyone. For example, below is what Ms. Sherine Lee commented at my Facebook Page back in January 2016 when I published my Top 10 Credit Cards in Malaysia – Episode III:

“Hi would u consider aeon big credit card? I think it’s a good entry level credit card as the gold card give 6X plaza lounge access, up to 15% for Aeon big grocery purchase, and 2% cash back for overseas and online purchases. So far I had been quite happy with the card”.

Based on Ms. Sherine Lee’s comment, I did look into the AEON Big Credit Card (in 2016) and to my surprise, the AEON Big Credit Card is indeed a freaking good credit card. If anyone were to ask me now – “what is The Best Credit Card to use at AEON Big? The answer will be the AEON Big Credit Card!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sherine Lee for teaching me about the AEON Big Credit Card 🙂

AEON credit cards are mostly entry level credit cards, but this does not mean that they are useless. In actual fact, AEON credit cards are packed with really good benefits, e.g. FREE access to Plaza Premium Lounges nationwide (AEON Gold Credit Card Visa and MasterCard) and meaningful cash back.

Now I am going to present to you a freaking long review of the AEON Big Visa Credit Card,  just kidding…. it’s kind of short for my standard, hahaha.


Annual Income Requirement: RM24K for Classic and RM36K for Gold.

For those of you who are unable to qualify for Maybank Credit Cards where the minimum income starts at RM30K p.a. The AEON Big Classic is very good and you will learn why very soon.

Annual Fee: Waived with 12 transactions per year.

AEON BiG Member Card: Upon signing up for the AEON BiG Visa Credit Card, you will be issued an AEON Big Member Card that earns you BiG Points which you can use to redeem for Cash Back at AEON Big Cashier Counters. 1000 BiG Points – RM5 Cash Rebate. Consider the AEON BiG Points as bonus to the “real” cash back benefit mentioned below.


AEON Big Visa Benefits.jpg

Basically both the AEON Big Gold and Classic have the same benefits except that the AEON Gold Visa comes with 6X FREE Access to Airport Lounges at KLIA & KLIA 2 for the Principal cardholder.

FREE 6X ACCESS TO AIRPORT LOUNGES with the AEON Big Gold Visa Credit Card

I’m telling you, this AEON Big Gold Visa is better than Platinum credit cards where most don’t grant FREE access to Plaza Premium Lounges and even if they do, you won’t get FREE access at KLIA 2 (example Citibank & HSBC cards).

The above Airport Lounge benefit with the AEON Big Gold Visa is straight forward. Now comes the other benefits with the AEON Big Visa which you may need  to use your brain cells. It’s not a bad thing, this Entry Level AEON Big Visa is packed with numerous benefits.


  • 5% Cash Back at ÆON BiG Thank You Member Day on 28th of every month, capped at RM100 per ÆON BiG Credit Card account per month subject to total Cash Back of RM50,000 per month.

Now please note that it is stated TOTAL CASH REBATE OF RM50K/month. This means that the above 5% cash back on every 28th of every month is not guaranteed but based on first come first serve basis. So, to make sure you are entitled to the 5% cash rebate, go do your shopping at AEON BiG early in the morning once the store opens.

  • 5% Cash Back for Visa payWave every day exclusively at ÆON BiG Stores. *Cash Back is capped at RM25 per ÆON BiG Credit Card account per month subject to total Cash Back of RM15,000 per month.

By using the AEON BiG Visa Credit Card Pay Wave feature at AEON BiG stores, you MAY BE entitled to 5% cash back. The reason why I said MAY BE and not WILL is because there is a maximum monthly payout of RM15K. Once again, this means you are not guaranteed the 5% cash back by using the Pay Wave feature. One thing for sure, on 28th of each month (Member Day) this quota is sure to have been reached OR maybe even have been used up long before!!!

  • 5% Cash Back for Petrol every Sunday, capped at RM25 per ÆON BiG Credit Card account per month *Cash Back is capped at RM25 per ÆON BiG Credit Card account per month subject to total Cash Back of RM15,000 per month.

Above 5% cash back for Petrol is really good if you can pump petrol on Sundays. With the cash back capped at RM25 per month, this card is good for up to RM500 Petrol/month.

Therefore, the AEON Big Classic Visa is good for those earning less than RM30K p.a. the opportunity to earn 5% cash back from their petrol expenses. If you pump in the first Sunday of the month, your chances are very good and it then gets slimmer each following Sunday.

  • 2% Cash Back for Online and Overseas spending every day* (exclude insurance, mobile and utility bill payments) *Cash Back is capped at RM25 per ÆON BiG Credit Card account per month subject to total Cash Back of RM15,000 per month.

Once again, the 2% cash back for ONLINE and OVERSEAS SPENDING has a max monthly payout of RM15K to all cardholders. This means it is based on first come first serve basis and the 2% cash back for ONLINE and OVERSEAS SPENDING is not guaranteed.

Once again, the AEON Big Classic Visa is good for those earning less than RM30K p.a. as it provides an opportunity to earn 5% cash back from Online purchases.

So, with RM15K per month payout for each of the 3 categories mentioned above,  i.e. (1) PayWave, (2) Petrol and (3) Overseas & Online, it means that you may also potentially earn 0% cash back.

Based on 5% cash back capped at RM25 per month for a particular category, this works out to RM500 spending a month per category (total RM1500 spending). But because there is a maximum cash back payout of RM15K, and assuming everyone spends RM500 for a particular category, only 600 people will be entitled to the cash back for each category!!!

So, for Overseas Transactions, the CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum MasterCard in Lesson No.5  is a better bet as you will be guaranteed 2% cash back.

In respect of the above, your chances of getting the 5% cash back is good early in the month for any of the 3 categories where the max cash back payout is RM15K. And you may get nothing towards the end of the month. That is why the AEON Big Cash Back Visa is potentially the worst Cash Back Credit Card in Malaysia come end of each month, hahaha. Another card that misleads their cardholders into thinking that they will earn cash back every single day is the UOB YOLO.

Below is an example extracted from AEON website (please visit AEON Credit Website for more examples):

AEON Big Credit Card Cash Back Example

From the above table, you will note that the cash back using the AEON BiG credit card is RM7.12 for 2 items, i.e. 5% Cash Rebate AEON Credit and 5% Visa PayWave Rebate. The reason why this is so is, you will get 5% Discount on every 28th day of the month.


Total Bill RM150. With 5% Discount, you will only need to pay RM142.50.

So by you using the AEON BiG PayWave feature to pay the RM142.50 mentioned above, you may be entitled to TWO (2) 5% cash rebate (i.e. RM142.50 x 5% = RM7.12 for each category) credited into your AEON BiG Credit Card Account. Remember – I  have shown you earlier that the cash back has a maximum monthly payout where the cash rebate is based on first come first serve basis.

Now, if you remember what I mentioned earlier about the 5% cash back with PayWave, because there is a max payout, you may not earn the 5% cash back if you pay via PayWave on the 28th of each month.

On top of pure cash back mentioned above, you also earn BiG Points which can be converted to Cash Back when you pay for your purchases at AEON Big Stores!!!
  • 4 Member Points for every RM1 spent in all ÆON BiG Stores nationwide every 10th of the month
  • 2 Member Points for every RM1 spent in all ÆON BiG Stores nationwide every day
  • 1 Member Point for every RM2 spent anywhere else including overseas

For your easy reference, I have worked out the % Cash Back:

AEON Big Points Cash Back


The AEON BiG Visa Credit Card is really really good if you shop at AEON BiG.

Now, the AEON Big Visa credit card may still be pretty good even if you don’t shop at AEON Big because you are still entitled to 6X FREE access to KLIA/KLIA2 Plaza Premium Lounges. I tell you, many Premier Credit Cards don’t even allow you a single FREE access to KLIA2 Plaza Premium Lounge.

And best of all, the Entry Level AEON Big Visa Credit Card will allow those earning less than RM30K per year who don’t qualify for the Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan to earn 5% cash back for Petrol.

Last but not least, I would like to sincerely thank Ms. Sherine Lee once again for highlighting the AEON BiG Visa Credit Card and the benefits that come with it at my Facebook Page.

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