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The Best Credit Cards for Insurance Premiums and Utilties PLUS PTPTN Repayments Too

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Updated August 2016 for OCBC GE and HLB VI


Recently I just published an article to highlight that Maybank is revising their Treats Points program effective 15 April 2016, where transactions relating to Insurance, Education, Utilities and Petrol will only earn Maybank credit card holders just 1 Treats Point with every Ringgit spent or even ZERO TP. For government related transactions, all Maybank Credit Cards under the Treats Points program will NOT be rewarded any Treats Points, i.e. ZERO – Nil – Zip Treats Point.

This is really bad, because it means that we will no longer be earning 2X or 5X Treats Points when we pay for our utilities [Tenaga Nasional (electricity), Syabas (water),  Gas Malaysia and Indah Water] and insurance premiums.

Now, Telekom (Unifi and Stremyx), Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, UMobile and Astro are NOT classified as utilities which means we still can earn 5X Treats Points with the Maybank 2 Cards AMEX (Gold, Platinum and Premier).

Another essential expense that most of us incur is our insurance premium. As of date, all Maybank Credit Cards will reward the cardholder up to 2X Treats Points for insurance premiums. But effective 15th April 2015 ALL Maybank Gold and Platinum Visa or MasterCard will also not earn the cardholder any Treats Points, i.e. ZERO. Only the Maybank Premier Visa (Visa Infinite), Premier MasterCard (World MasterCard) and Maybank 2 Cards American Express (Gold, Platinum and Premier) are still entitled to Treats Points but it is freaking miserable at 1 Treats Point for every Ringgit spent. And not many insurance company accept AMEX.

Maybank Treats Points Revision 2016Click here to read my Announcement – Bad News, Revision To Maybank Treats Points Effective 15 April 2016.

And in the above mentioned announcement, I have shared with my readers that I was informed that AEON is no longer issuing their Watami Visa that earns the cardholder 3% cash back! What a bummer. Or else, it would be the perfect credit card for everyone who spends minimum RM1K a month on anything except for petrol.

Before I proceed any further, I would like to point out that the Maybank 2 Cards Gold, Platinum and Premier AMEX are still very good cards as they will still earn you UNLIMITED 5X Treats Points for all types of transactions except for Education, Insurance, Petrol, Utilities and Government.

For examples, we will still earn 5X TP with the Maybank 2 Cards Gold, Platinum or Premier AMEX from the following transactions:

  • Apple iPhone or MacBook at EpiCentre and can opt for 0% installment plans too.
  • Samsung Mobile Phones including the latest S7 or 65″ UHD 3D TV or other electrical goods at Best Denki, SenQ or Harvey Norman and can opt for 0% installment plans too.
  • Clubbing – not the sleazy ones
  • AEON, TESCO, GIANT, Cold Storage, Parkson, Metro Jaya, UNIQLO, etc.
  • Luxury handbags – Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Coach, Michael Kors, etc.
  • Rolex and all other luxury watches. Can opt for 0% installment plans too with the AMEX.
  • All luxury brands – if they don’t accept AMEX, then it can’t be labelled as a luxury brand.
  • Hotels – including budget hotels with Agoda and get up to 7% discount. Click here to read my article Agoda Maybank versus Expedia.com.my.
  • Airlines – Malaysia Airlines Berhad, AirAsia, United Airlines, etc
  • Baskin Robbins, Sushi Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai, Ippudo, Alexis, Amarin (and other Thai restaurants under the group), TGIF, Pizza Hut, Tai Thong Group of Restaurants, Chinoz, Dome, Ben’s, F&B outlets at all hotels 4 Stars and above, etc.
  • Servicing and paying for your BMW,  Mercedes Benz, Volvo etc.
  • Mobile phone bills, Telekom (Unifi and Streamyx included) and Astro.
  • And Maybank Customer Service confirmed with me that my children’s Overseas Tuition Fees are still entitled to 5X Treats Points with my Maybank 2 Cards Premier Visa Infinite after 15th April 2016.

Once again, with every RM2.12 spent with the FREE FOR LIFE Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum Cards AMEX, you will earn 1 Enrich Mile or KrisFlyer.  And did you know that the Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum Cards  is the best credit card in Malaysia to earn you AirAsia Big Points?  1 AirAsia Big Point with every RM1.484 spent!!!

But of course the best credit card in the world is still the Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve where we can earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.945 spent locally or overseas.

For Petrol and Groceries, there are numerous cards in the market to earn us between 5% to 10% cash back – click here to read my article The Best Credit Cards in Malaysia 2016 – Special Edition for Petrol and Airport Lounges.

The Best Credit Cards in Malaysia for Insurance Utilty and PTPTN

So today, I shall try to assist all Malaysians to identufy credit cards may be suitable for their Insurance and Utilities transactions.


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