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Presenting a superb product created by GenX @ http://www.GenXGenYGenZ for credit card users.

Maybank Treats Points Revision 2016IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENTclick here to learn the revision to Treats Points effective 15 April 2016 and what credit cards you should use for transactions relating to Government, Education, Insurance and Utilities.


In 2015, we, credit card users were hit with a double whammy which affects our purchasing power. The first whammy occurred on 1st April 2015 when the government of Malaysia started imposing 6% GST which led to an increase in the prices of almost everything (excluding cars where the price magically reduced for the first time). And then on 1st August 2015, Maybank revoked the 5% cash back on weekends for any type of transactions with their Maybank 2 Cards AMEX; thus making many of us potentially poorer overnight by RM600 a year (maximum possible cash back).

However, luckily you have me to soften the blow of the above two whammies and in particular the latter. You see, I heard a voice over and over again in my head instructing me to present to you guys alternative ways to regain some of the losses inflicted by Maybank onto us. Now I don’t think the voice was from God but I think it was more of my guilty conscious telling me to make up for making you guys get stuck with the Maybank 2 Cards from my years of promoting it! Hahaha. So, in July 2015, I presented GenX’s Recommendation of Credit Cards 2015, at my previous blogspot, where I listed options available to replace the once upon a time fabulous Maybank 2 Cards.genx2bgeny2bgenz2bcredit2bcards2brecommendationsClick here to see GenX’s Recommendations of Credit Cards 2015

Not long after I published GenX’s Credit Card Recommendations 2015, I started to once again hear voices over and over again in my head, it kept telling me that my Top 10 Credit Cards Ultimate Showdown 2016 may not necessarily teach those who read it as to how to optimize their returns from using the right credit cards. So, I started brainstorming with the voice (talking to myself) and suddenly out of no where a brilliant idea was born.

As you are well aware, most car manufacturers have a special unit that modifies their cars and brings them up to a higher classification, i.e. MB – AMG, BMW – M3, Mini – John Cooper Works, Toyota -TRD, etc.

Well, I decided that I shall compartmentalize my brain and form a special unit to make full use of my sick imagination and brain cells to modify credit cards, thus, calling the improved product –GenX’s Totally Recommended or in short GTR.

And since this GTR department is new, I decided that they should start with Entry Level credit cards for the mass market where most users can benefit from their daily use, example, like the reliable Toyota Vios but equipped with TRD fittings. If my first GTR product receives overwhelming success, maybe then I shall modify higher level cards. For example, starting from Entry Level Gold and Platinum Cards (Toyota TRD and Volkswagen Polo GTR) followed by Visa Signature (Skyline GTR) and ultimately Premier Credit Cards (Bentley Coupe GTR), hahaha…

And I am proud to present to you my first GenX’s Totally Recommended product –

MAYBANK 3 CARDS GTR – AMEX, Visa and MasterCard

GenX Maybank 3 Cards Maybank Islamic Ikwan MasterCard

I have mentioned before – Cheap No Good – Good No Cheap – FREE IS THE BEST!

So, the first order of business is to identify credit cards that offer FREE FOR LIFE annual fees without any conditions. And after analysing the numerous FREE FOR LIFE credit cards available plus killing myself faster with few boxes of cigarettes for your benefits, I am proud to present to you Maybank 3 Platinum and Gold Card GTR, combination of AMEX, Visa and MasterCard.


1. To be eligible for it, the minimum annual income starts at RM30,000.

2. You get an American Express credit card, a Visa Credit Card and a MasterCard credit card. As such you are entitled to promotions by the world’s 3 major card brands.

3. FREE FOR LIFE for all three cards – it is truly FREE without any conditions. As such, you don’t need to lose face by begging for annual fee waiver yearly and put yourself at the mercy of the banks. This FREE FOR LIFE thingy is really really a wonderful thing as you will never get pissed off; unlike other cards where you’ve got to beg and then be informed by the CS that your request for the annual fee waiver has been rejected and end up feeling like a dumb-ass for not signing up for a FREE FOR LIFE credit card, hahahahaha.

4. Maybank Customer Service is really good. Maybank provide Toll Free Customer Service for their Platinum cardholders and even for their AMEX Gold card members (AMEX Toll FREE – 1800889559). I hate those CS where we got to press this and that (especially those instructing us to key in the 16 digits card number) wasting our time in order to speak to a human (e.g. HSBC and Citibank).

5. With the MasterCard, you are guaranteed to earn 5% Cash Back for Petrol and Groceries every Friday and Saturday capped at RM50 per month.

6. And in addition to the above mentioned generous 5% hand out (cash back) for our essential expenses, with you pumping petrol and buying your groceries to feed your family, you are also helping the less fortunate. Only with your actions in using this MasterCard, Maybank will donate 0.1% equivalent to the amount you spent to charity purposes. This is really fantastic, we get to help those who are suffering everytime we pump petrol and “makan” (groceries bought with the MC).

7. With the AMEX, you will get 5% Cash Back for Dining every Saturday and Sunday with a combined cap of RM50 per month for Principal and all Supplementary Cards.

8. Combining the standard card features mentioned in 5 and 7 above, you are entitled to a total of RM100 cash back per month credited straight into your accounts, that’s equivalent to up to RM1,200 in pure cash back per year!

9. With the AMEX, you are entitled to UNLIMITED 5X Treats Points for every Ringgit spend locally or overseas EVERYDAY (except for Education, Insurance and Government). Based on current redemption rate for cash vouchers at 400 Treats Points = RM1, that’s equivalent to UNLIMITED 1.25% cash back.

American Express credit cards are accepted by many merchants. More importantly, we can earn UNLIMITED 5X reward points (1.25% cash back) when paying for essential stuff like TNB, Telekom, Mobile Phone Bills (Celcom, Maxis and DiGi), Internet Connection (Unifi and Stremyx), Department Stores (AEON, Parkson, Metro Jaya, Isetan, Robinson and SOGO), most Local Council Assessments (Cukai Pintu), Optical (Focus Point plus many other chain outlets), Pharmacies and Healthcare (Guardian, Watson and GNC), Private Hospitals (KPJ, Pantai, SDMC, Sunway, IJN, Gleneagles and many more), Car Service Centres (BMW, Mercedes, VW, Volvo and selected centres for Proton, Perodua, Honda, Tan Chong Motors and Toyota), Bookstores (MPH, Borders, Times, Kunokuniya and selected Popular outlets), Cinemas (Cathay, TGV and GSC), Electrical and Computers (Harvey Norman, HSL, Courts, Sen Heng/SenQ, EpiCenter, Machines, Tan Boon Ming and Best Denki), Ace Hardware and IKEA.

Now, like I said, above are essential stuff and I only mentioned a fraction of the merchants. And for those who have money to burn on non-essential stuff (i.e. not imperative for daily survival), Maybank AMEX cards can assist you in earning up to 5X Treats Points as you burn your money away. Examples, AMEX is accepted at all Luxury Brands (if the outlet doesn’t accept AMEX, they cannot claim to be a luxury brand), Body Shop, Forever 21, UNIQLO, Mango/MNG, Zara, Ogawa, OSIM, Padini, Reject Shop, Toys R Us, Red Box Karaoke, most night clubs in KL Golden Triangle, Aquaria KLCC, Sunway Lagoon, Adonis, Bella, Marie France, New York Skin Solutions, Citi Chain, PK Time, Hour Glass, Watatime, Habib, Poh Kong, Tomei, Fitness First, Alexis, Baskin Robbins, Canton-i, Dome, Dragon-i, Rakuzen, Ippudo, TGIF, Tai Thong Group, Nando’s, Kenny Rogers, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Sushi Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai and many more. If you go to 1U, The Gardens and Mid Valley, almost all the retail outlets and restaurants accept AMEX.

Amex is also accepted at most 4 Stars and above hotels. Well, actually you can even use your Maybank AMEX to book low budget hotels and 1 Star hotels; this is because accepts AMEX and you can even get up to 7% discount by using the Maybank 2 Cards AMEX Platinum!

Also use this American Express credit card when you book online with AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines, American Airlines and many other airlines to earn yourself 5X Treats Points (or 1.25% cash back).

And if you want to fly for FREE, this Entry Level AMEX Gold (including the Platinum) card earns you Enrich Miles, Asia Miles and KrisFlyer faster than any other Gold or Platinum and even most Premium credit cards in Malaysia! Click here to read my Comprehensive Tutorial To Earn Frequent Flyers Miles The Fastest Way With The Right Credit Card so that you can fly for FREE with Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, British Airways and many more.

And if you are into Pay Pal, you can also earn 5X TP with this AMEX card.

10. Visa cards promotions are pretty good. For example, you can buy 1 air ticket and get the 2nd ticket for 50% off until 30 September 2015. Click here to read a previous promo where you could get the second air ticket at 50% dicount with Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, British Airway and China Airlines when you purchase the ticket using your Visa credit card.

11. If get up to 7% discount when you book with And you can even use the Maybank 2 Cards AMEX and earn yourself 5X Treats Points. And best of all, you can pay using Ringgit Malaysia and not be imposed any forex conversion fee.

12. And for the past two years, we have this thing call Agoda Visa Wednesday where we can get up to 12% discount using our Visa credit cards. So before you book your hotel with agoda, go check out on Wednesday if you get the hotel room cheaper at

13. If you are into 0% Instalment Plans, Maybank credit cards are accepted at many merchants. And best of all, the Maybank 3 Cards GTR AMEX is even accepted by an authorized Rolex dealer in Klang Valley where you can even opt for 0% Installment Plan and they will still give you discount for non sport models plus you also earn 5X Treats Points (additional 1.25% cash back). Please note, a particular Rolex authorized dealer in Klang Valley which operates the Rolex Boutique in Pavilion and Bangsar does accept AMEX for 0% Installment Plan and most probably you will only end up with 1X Reward Points! (Hint – you are buying from the wrong dealer, hahaha).


You will earn less than 1% cash back equivalent for insurance, government and education related transactions.


And to show you how fantastic my Maybank 3 Cards GTR is, I will now proof to you how superior it is versus UOB One Card Classic and Plat versus Citibank Cash Back Gold and Plat:

Maybank 3 Cards GTR versus UOB One Card Visa vs Citibank Cash Back Credit Card

From the above table of comparison and based on the assumptions, you will note that my latest creation, the FREE FOR LIFE Maybank 3 Cards GTR is almost 2 and 3 times better versus UOB One Card and Citibank Cash Back respectively. And if you consider annual fee for the UOB and Citibank cards, the FREE FOR LIFE Maybank 3 Cards GTR is like infinity ahead.


1. Go to any Maybank branch and fill up two application forms – i.e. Maybank 2 Cards and Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan.

2. Upon approval, you will get separate Credit Limit for the Maybank 2 Cards and Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan. Now, I have to warn you that Maybank may be of the the opinion that not everyone can handle the Maybank 3 Cards GTR’s power immediately. So they may only approved your application for the Maybank 2 Cards BUT reject your Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan application or vice-versa. And depending on how you perform (annual increment in your salary) and how you handle (building up your credit history) with the Maybank 2 Cards or MasterCard Ikhwan, then maybe later on they will only unleash the Maybank 3 Cards GTR full potential to you. So, if your priority is to earn 5% cash back for petrol, you should apply for the Maybank Islamic Ikhwan MasterCard first and upon approval only go apply for the Maybank 2 Plat/Gold Cards.

3. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT when applying for the Maybank 2 Cards you choose the AMEX + VISA option or else you won’t end up with the Maybank 3 Cards GTR but a downgraded version that is not worthy of being labelled a GTR. I.e. If you have the Maybank 2 Cards AMEX and MasterCard plus Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan then the final product won’t be the Maybank 3 Cards GTR!

Maybank 3 2 plus 1 Platinum Gold Cards AMEX Visa MasterCard

4. If you are in Klang Valley, the best place to go and apply for the Maybank 3 Cards GTR is at Maybankard Centre at 1 Utama New Wing (03-77285451) or The Gardens (03-22888988) near Robinsons. I would advise you to call them first and ask what documents to bring along to save you time.


Based on Maybank’s recent record where they revised their Treats Points redemption program in the second quarter of 2015 and then revoked the 5% cash back for any type of transaction with the Maybank 2 Cards AMEX in the third quarter of this year; I am unable to provide you Lifetime Warranty that the Maybank 3 Cards GTR will perform as described above. Having said this, I doubt Maybank will revoked the 5% cash back for petrol and groceries with the Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan for at least another year.

As for Visa Agoda Wednesday 12% discount, the booking period ended in June for stays until end of December 2015. Visa has been offering it since last year and I expect them to continue the promo again next year.

You really got nothing to complain about the Maybank 3 Cards GTR even if it suddenly breaks down without any warning (Maybank go change the terms and conditions) – you get to enjoy the ride while it lasted for FREE! And the beauty part is – you will be helping someone in need during a crisis whenever you pump petrol or go do your grocery!!!


Click here to read my article AGAIN A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That where I mentioned that my son’s supp AMEX card was used for fraudulent transactions and subsequently so was my AMEX!

I found out about the fraudulent charges via the sms alert which I get whenever my Maybank credit cards have a transaction occurring.

So, upon getting your Maybank credit card(s), what you should do after activating it is to call Maybank Customer Service (once again call the number behind the card and not any other number) and request that the default value of sms alerts be set be RM1.

I wish to reiterate again for the benefit of my new readers – DO NOT EVER disclose any personal information over the phone to anyone claiming to be from Maybank (or any other bank) even if they know your NRIC number. Should the person on the line claim that there are issues with your credit card, tell them you will call Customer Service as you can’t verify if the call is genuine. Call Customer Service by dialling the NUMBER BEHIND YOUR CREDIT CARD only. And if the call is genuine, Customer Service will be able to track it from Maybank’s system and assist you further. Same case if someone were to call you and offer you any so called promotions. You have been warned.


The Maybank 3 Cards GTR are truly FREE FOR LIFE without any conditions. Even if you do not use the cards even once, you won’t be charged a single sen but you’ll have credit available in the event you really need it. And like I mentioned earlier, you will never need to beg and feel like a dumb-ass when the bank rejects your request for annual fee waiver 🙂

The only set back with the Maybank 3 Cards GTR is that you earn almost meaningless cash back for insurance and education and at places where AMEX is not welcome. The good news is that the Maybank 3 Cards GTR power can be easily boosted by a 3rd party product and I shall call it Maybank 3 Cards GTR+

All you need to do is add Hong Leong Bank Essential Visa to the Maybank 3 Cards GTR and you’ll get GTR+ and earn much more in cash back. The HLB Essential Visa gives you UNLIMITED 1% cash back for any type of transactions except Petrol. However, you need to swipe 12 times a year with the HLB Essential to be eligible for auto annual fee waiver (which is good as you do not need to beg). So at places where the AMEX (where you can earn 1.25% cash back) is not welcome, use the HLB Essential and earn yourself 1% cash back 🙂

Alternatively, if you do spend at least RM1K on average a month, you can add the AEON Watami Credit Card to the Maybank 3 Cards GTR and you’ll get a really powerful GTR++. But this GTR++ needs your full concentration at all times because you got to keep track of your spending for 3 months in a row in order to be eligible for the 3% cash back capped at RM150 per quarter. Click here to read my previous review of the AEON Watami Visa Credit Card. Please note, the quarterly cash back IS NOT BASED ON CALENDAR MONTH but the date your card is approved!

For more useful info related to the Maybank 3 Cards GTR, please check out the links below:

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Agoda Visa Wednesday – up to 12% discount until end of 31 December 2015 (check frequently as Agoda and Visa offer this promo twice a year.

Last but not least, with the power in your hands, don’t be stupid and go overboard (overspend) with the Maybank 3 Cards GTR (actually any credit card) or else you will end up in the shit hole of debt. Make sure you have the cash in hand to pay your credit card bills in FULL every month prior to the Due Date!

P.S. GenX Recommends Maybank2U Savers (or Maybank2U Savers-i) online account to optimize earning more money to fuel up the Maybank 3 Cards GTR.

For the benefit of those new to my blog, I shall repeat here once again about the Maybank2U Savers online account which pays you meaningful interest rate unlike other savings accounts in Malaysia.

Most Savings Accounts pay us miserable interest rates but if you have RM2K at any one time in your Savings Account, you should consider the M2U Savers or M2U Savers-i especially if you are having Maybank credit cards. You see, both the M2U Savers and M2U Savers-i pays you slightly above 2% interest for any amount above RM2K AND best of all, interest is credited monthly. The M2U Savers account can only be opened online via M2U.

So if you need to deposit your money for a short period of time (less than a month) before you make your credit card payment, than the M2U Savers is a good option. More than a month, then better go for 1 month eFD and earn about 3% interest. Below is an example:

1. Your credit card Statement Balance of RM10K Due Date is on the 30th of May 2013.
2. Your Fixed Deposit matures on 2nd May 2013, and part of the fund shall be used to pay your credit card bill. As such you can’t opt for the 1 month FD for the sum required to pay your credit card bill.
3. So instead of having the RM10K sitting in your current or savings account which pays you negligible interest rate, deposit the RM10K into M2U Savers and earn 2.1% interest rate.
4. And on the 29th of May you then use the RM10K to pay your Maybank Credit Card bill.

With the above, you can earn up to RM12.50 by having the RM10K deposited into your M2U account pending payment for your MBB credit card. That’s FREE money for doing nothing much.

With M2U, you can also easily transfer your funds between e-Fixed Deposit and M2U Savers account and pay your Maybank credit card bills anywhere on earth.

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