I Allowed Google To Track Me And It Was A Blessing As It Gives Me Fond Memories

Everyone of us are worried about our privacy but somehow I allowed Google to track me and I love it!

You see, google record my every move when I activate the Location at my Smartphone which I need to do in order to use Google Maps or Waze to see where I am or where I am going to.

And every month google will sent me an email telling me where I have been and even compile photos which I have taken. Some may not like this feature but I love it, hahaha.

GenX Travel Google Record Location

Surprisingly I have traveled more than 19630km so far in 2020. According to google that is equivalent to traveling half way round the world. My overseas trips this year so far was to Bali and Melbourne only as I had to cancel my Round The World Trip last month.

It even tells me how far I traveled in April 2020 when the government imposed lock downs for the entire month. See, the total distance I traveled in April was even less than the allowable 10km radius, hahaha.

I really like this feature where google records my locations as it brings back fond memories every month I get Google’s email and check it out.

Countries I Visited in 2019 to April 2020

Below are the countries I have visited according to Google for the past 2 year:

GenX Travels 2019 2020 Map

Cities I Have Visited In The Last 2 Years

Below are the Cities I have visited based on records by Google (when the Location in my smartphone is set to on):

2 Years Ago

GenX Travels 2018

In November 2018, for the first time in my life, I experienced the fantastic service of Singapore Airlines Suite Class Airbus A380 Melbourne to Singapore.

I tell you, you guys should not burn you air miles on Business Class but instead save if up for a Suite Class experience. Click here to read My Live Report which includes a video

February 2019

GenX Travels FEb 2019

Oh yes, I flew from Hong Kong to Melbourne with Cathay Pacific Business Class on the Airbus A350 for the first time. Click here to read my report which include videos too.

And in March 2019, I flew back to KL (via Singapore) with Qantas FIRST Class on their Airbus A380 for the first time. Click here to read my report.

April 2019

However there was no record shown where I was in March 2019 as most probably I turned off the location and only on back in April as I may have needed to use Google Map to get directions to a destination in Kew, Melbourne.

GenX Travels April 2019

May 2019

In May I went to Hanoi, Vietnam and Tokyo, Japan.

GenX Travels May 2019

GenX Travels May 2019 Japan

Click here to read more about my trip in 2019 to Hanoi and Tokyo cities. You are sure to learn a thing or two, especially on how to take the bus from the airports to the cities mentioned.

From Tokyo, I then flew to Melbourne with Japan Airlines on Business Class.

I tell you, Japan Airlines in-flight service is one of the best I have ever experienced and I was only flying Business Class. The Business Class In-Flight Service was comparable to experience with Singapore Airlines Suite Class and Qantas First Class where the stewardess and In-Flight Manager will check on me very frequently to ask if I need anything! The Leading/Chief Stewardess even set up a mini bar for me to take photos of the liquor serve on board!!! Click here to read My Live Travel Report with Award Winning Japan Airlines.

June 2019

In June, I was in Gold Coast and Brisbane Australia.

GenX Travels June 2019 Gold Coast

From Brisbane I flew back to KL with Singapore Airlines new A350 where we do not need to sleep senget!!! Click here to read My Live Travel Report with Singapore Airlines Business Class Brisbane to Changi.

July 2019

I promised to take my youngest daughter to Italy if she scored an ATAR (Australia Tertiary Admission Rank) score of 99 and above for her VCE (Victoria Certificate of Eduction) which means she is then amongst the top 1% of students who sat for Year 12 in the entire Australia or Australian Matriculation courses worldwide. And she did in 2018! So I had to choice but to fulfill my promise and took my wife and youngest daughter to Italy

I took Thai Airway to Copenhagen and therefore had to transit in Bangkok which is a damn lousy International Airport because they ban smoking in all their terminals!

GenX Travels July 2019 Thailand

From Bangkok we flew to Copenhagen, Denmark for 2 nights before leaving for Rome.

I tell you, Thai Airways Business Class is nothing great!

GenX Travels July 2019 Denmark

From Copenhagen we then flew to Rome with Ryanair. We then took the train from Rome to Florence and then to Venice.

GenX Travels July 2019 Italy

From Venice, instead of taking budget airlines, I took British Airways to London because I wanted to land at Heathrow.

GenX Travels July 2019 London

From London I return back to KL (via Singapore) on Singapore Airlines NEW Suite Class 🙂

Click here to read my full report on my Europe 2019 where you are sure to learn something useful for your trip to Europe.

August to November 2019

From August to November 2019, I was flying in and out of Melbourne.

GenX Travels August 2019 Melbourne

GenX Travels Nov 2019 Melbourne

December 2019

In December 2019, I went for a Eastern Europe Tour. I was not too keen to go but my wife agreed with my uncle that we will follow their group. So once again, I had no choice but to go to Europe again. I tell you, it was really nice and I have no regrets.

We flew from KL to Warsaw (first city of the 10 days tour) with Emirates and therefore we had to transit in Dubai.

GenX Travels Dec 2019 Dubai

GenX Travels Nov DEc 2019 Eastern Europe

Click here to read my full report on my Eastern Europe Trip 2019. I do recommend you visit Eastern Europe with a tour group so that you do not have to worry about language and your luggage. This report also covers Emirates Business Class Lounges in KL and Dubai.

January and February 2020

GenX Travels Jan Feb 2020

From the above, you can observed that visited few places in Malaysia including the Leaning Tower at Teluk Intan 🙂

I also went to Bali (Kuta Beach) in January for 3 nights. Somehow, I prefer Penang to Bali anytime.

March 2020

I flew to Melbourne after CNY and returned to KL just before the Lock Down was enforced on 18th March and have since stayed at home, just like most of you.

GenX Travels March 2020

I flew to Melbourne with Malaysia Airlines with my wife and youngest daughter on Economy Class but all of us entered Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge. Click here to read the report.

I then flew back to KL with my wife on Business Class (click here to read my Live Travel Report) and I tell you, the service by the Business Class cabin crew that was on duty that particular was really good. The level of Malaysia Airlines Business Class Service I experienced was on par with Singapore Airlines Biz Class and it was all thanks to 2 Biz Class cabin crews and even the changes made by management of MAS.

With the above, you can see that Google has done a wonderful job of tracking me and keeping records of my visits to anywhere on earth for FREE! Looking back at the records bring back wonderful memories.

Too bad I had to cancel my round the world trip this year. But luckily I did travel quite a bit in 2019 🙂