Alliance Bank Revamped Visa Infinite and Platinum Visa Credit Card Review 2020

Card Design

In terms of design and colours, I like the revised Alliance Bank Visa Infinite Gold Black combination and the white is like some smartphone auro glow haha.

But seriously who cares about the design, haha. We as users want benefits/rewards for using the card and the merchants just want the card transaction to be successful.

Eligibility and Annual Fee

Alliance Bank Visa Platinum

Annual Income: RM24,000 p.a. Well, it has been for years that Platinum cards are Entry Level Cards.

Annual Fee: RM120. First year annual fee waived and subsequent years waived with minimum 12 swipes.

Well, minimum 12 swipes per year is like nothing. Just go buy McD RM1 Sundae Cone every month.

Alliance Bank Visa Infinite

Annual Income of Minimum RM60,000 p.a. Well, Visa Infinite is the new Platinum, and those of us holding Visa Infinite can no longer brag it is a Premium Credit Card, hahaha.

Annual Fee: RM438. First year annual fee waived and subsequent years the annual fee is auto waived with minimum RM12K spending.

In respect to the above, RM12K spending is nothing if you are topping up eWallets but the question once again – is it worthwhile to use the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite?

Supplementary cards are FREE FOR LIFE for both Alliance Bank Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum.

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