Alliance Bank Revamped Visa Infinite and Platinum Visa Credit Card Review 2020


Should you get the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite or Visa Platinum?

The answer is yes if you want FREE money!!!

What about using the card?

Well, it depends, if you are an Enrich Miles fan then YES! The Alliance Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum both are very good for Online and eWallets top up.

Nowadays we can pay many bills and purchase stuff online. Therefore with 8X Timeless Bonus Points, we will earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.75 spent for Online transactions, there is no other credit card that can beat this Enrich Mile conversion/redemption rate for LOCAL transaction.

In conclusion, if you are into Enrich Miles, the revamped Alliance Bank Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum is the credit card to have.

I hereby award the Alliance Bank visa Infinite and Visa Platinum THE BEST CREDIT CARD IN MALAYSIA FOR ENRICH MILES!!!

BUT, it is a very very huge BUT…… do you think you will get to use the Enrich Miles? Well worst come to worst, you can redeem the TBP for cash vouchers.

Click here to watch a short YouTube Video of the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum Credit Card Review.