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Alliance Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum TnC Revision Effective March and October 2022 – Freaking Unbelievable But Then Again.

Back in 2020 when Alliance Bank revamped their Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum, I awarded it the Best Credit Cards in Malaysia for Enrich Points simply because both these said cards will earn the cardholders 1 Enrich Point for every RM0.75 spent – the cardholder earns 8X Timeless Bonus Points (TBP) for eCommerce (i.e. Online Transactions) and coupled with 6000 TBP = 1000 Enrich Points.

However, as you all know nothing last forever and credit card issuers will revise and inflate their reward programs periodically.

Well, Maybank, which is like the big brother, started the ball rolling this year where they inflated their Treats Points conversion from minimum 40% this month (effective 1st September 2022).

Click here to read Maybank Credit Cards Treats Points Air Miles Redemption Revision Effective 1st September 2022

In respect to the above, it comes as no surprise that Alliance Bank has follow suit and also inflated their conversion of Timeless Bonus Points to Enrich Points!!! And I was shocked with the inflated rate!

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