Alliance Bank Revamped Visa Infinite and Platinum Visa Credit Card Review 2020

What And How Much Can You Earn With the Alliance Revamped Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum 8X Timeless Bonus Points?

As I mentioned earlier, the highlight of the revamped Alliance Visa Infinite and Visa Platinum is mainly the 8X Timeless Bonus Points.

First I shall calculate the returns in terms of cash equivalent when redeeming for Cash Vouchers with 8X TBP.

So if you do earn 8X TBP, you will need to spend RM7,500 to earn RM100 which equates to you getting a return of 1.33%!!! You will be better off with Affin Bank Duo Visa or CIMB e Credit Card.

Click here to see my YouTube Video of the Affin Duo Visa Credit Card Review.

Having said the above, most Cash Back credit cards have monthly cap on the cash back you can earn. Therefore UNLIMITED 1.33% cash back is actually not too bad for big Online spenders who are not into air miles.

As for air miles, you only get 2 options, Enrich or AirAsia Big Points!!!

Enrich Miles

With 8X TBP, it works out to 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.75 spent!!!

In my tutorial on How To Convert Enrich Miles to Hotel Stays with Enrich Hotels, I Enrich Mile is worth about RM0.03. Therefore with with Alliance Visa Infinite and Platinum where we can earn 1 EM for every RM0.75 spent, this works out to 4% return!

As for Enrich Miles, with This is really good if you are into Enrich Miles BUT………….

AirAsia Big Points

In order to earn 1K AirAsia Big Points (Samsung Points), with 8X Timeless Bonus Points with the Alliance Bank VI or Platinum for Online (or topping up eWallets), we need to spend RM375.

Assuming 1 AirAsia Big Point is worth RM0.008, 1K AirAsia Big Points = RM8. Therefore, we get a return of 2.13% (RM8/RM375) which is better than redeeming directly for cash vouchers with the TBP but not as good as Enrich Miles.

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