American Express Is Now Accepted At Lazada

I just posted few hours ago that Maybank has officially announced that the spending requirement for annual fee waiver of their Premier Credit Cards in 2021 have been reduced – click here to read more.

Well, more good news for Maybank card holders and to be specific, AMEX!

Lazada once again accepts AMEX!!! This is fantastic.

Actually, with Shopee accepting AMEX since November 2020, it was only a matter of time before Lazada does the same, else it will be losing customers to Shopee. Why you may ask? Because:

1. Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve and American Express Platinum Charge Card (the one without Maybank Logo) are the best cards in Malaysia to accumulate air miles!

2. Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum cardholders now have another avenue to use their AMEX on weekends to earn more cash back!

Below is a screenshot taken from my phone with Lazada App, as you can see, the AMEX logo is there!

So I went to my computer browser to confirm that I can add the AMEX:

Fantastic, it is confirmed that we can add our AMEX card at Lazada for payment!

If you are my follower, you will know that I prefer Lazada to Shopee to purchase stuff because I prefer their delivery service and in particular LEX and more importantly I find the things I want cheaper at Lazada compared to Shopee!

Click here to read my article titled Windows 10 Laptops That Cost Less Than RM3K With Microsoft Office Pre-Installed For Home And Students where I mentioned that same computer by the SAME seller is cheaper at Lazada!

And on numerous occasions, I have found that Samsung Official Store have better deals on their smartphones at Lazada too.

However when it comes to paying bills, Shopee is way better because I can use my FREE Shopee Coins generated from thin air to offset 25% (capped at RM30) of the bill payment! However, we can’t use AMEX (as of date) to pay bills at Shopee.

Now, that Lazada accept AMEX, the other thing they need to do is offer us FREE Food like Shopee, hahaha. Click here to read my article titled Shopee Farm FREE Ice Cream , Pizza & Noodles – FREE Is The BEST!

Also Lazada better make their coins more valuable – I really got no idea what to do with those damn coins earned at Lazada except to play the stupid lucky draw called Onederful – but it is pissing me off as I have not earned anything FREE from Lazada Coins and soon I will stop playing the stupid games at Lazada if they don’t do anything about it to earn me FREE stuff easily.


Because of the Covid-19 crisis, online shopping is now the main thing and will be for the future as many have found out that they get really good deals online. One example is me paying my bills with Shopee Coins and another is I can get Samsung Smartphones cheaper at Lazada compared to my usual phone dealer!

The fact that we do not earn anything with Maybank credit cards when topping up Lazada Wallet or Shopee Wallet, many people have been using other credit cards to top up these said wallets. And we all know that Shopee does have many promos for those who uses ShopeePay.

Therefore Maybank have been on the losing side and have lost lots of transactions to its competitors. But with Maybank willing to make it possible to use the AMEX at Lazada and Shopee, I bet more people will be using their Maybank AMEX credit cards. Who cares about Boost or TnG eWallet which we do not earn anything when we top up with our Maybank credit cards, hahaha.

Now that we can use AMEX at Grab, Lazada and Shopee, looks like Maybank 2 Cards AMEX Gold/Platinum and Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve will most likely retain their positions as the Best Credit Cards in Malaysia in 2022 🙂

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